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Author: Loren Vargas
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A General Introduction To Testing Automation Frameworks


When the test scripts used in automation are tied together in a captive set of guidelines which can be repeatedly used in different projects, the resulting system is called a “testing automation framework”. The frameworks may include function libraries, reusable scripts, business processes, modules, specific set of keywords, and other tools such as commands, plug-ins, recorders and so forth, which can enable faster time-to-market and enhanced testing efficiency and effectiveness.

What we should be really interested in is an Agile Automation framework which dynamically allows testers to ensure complete control of coding based on evolving business roadmap to support the ideal goals of continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous testing. Agile is the way to go if you want the most reliable methodology to produce high quality software while dealing with lowest amount of refactoring or technical debt that has accumulated in past projects.

There are many commercial-off-the-shelf frameworks, many of which may be readily procured from the Web, the most popular of which are Selenium, AQuA TestBorg, Monkey Talk, Jenkins, Appium, Robotium, See Test, Borland Silk Central, HP Quality Center etc. Here’s a low down on what each one entails:


•    Selenium – An open source testing framework which has become the de facto standard in web-based applications, it’s being extensively used to test your applications across many popular programming languages including C#, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, .Net, Perl, PHP etc. It supports all modern web browsers and can be freely downloaded. In a Nov 2015 survey by Zephyr on which test automation frameworks are most popular, almost 42% respondents voted for Selenium. Selenium further supports what is known as an “integrated development environment” which provides comprehensive coverage for intelligent code completion. 

•    AQuA TestBorg – A proprietary framework developed by eInfochips, AQuA has become a very popular testing platform for embedded devices and other players in the semiconductor industry. 

•    Jenkins – An open source continuous integration framework written in JAVA, Jenkins developed by MIT is another name to reckon with in continuous integration software. 

•    Appium – The de facto standard for mobile app testing, Appium is highly popular with both iOS and Android developers. It supports all key programming languages and is easily compatible with Selenium WebDriver API, helping companies automate both native as well as hybrid apps. Appium is currently being used extensively in cross-platform mobile testing and unlike other apps such as Monkey Talk etc., there is no need to install extra agents in the app to make it automation-friendly. 

•    Robotium – Another popular open source test framework which is customized for Android and supports all SDK applications.

•    Monkey Talk – A cross-platform tool that is basically used as a “recorder” to play back highly a bunch of important test scripts for web, Android, iOS and other platforms.

When QA testing assumes the form of Agile practice, it enables higher acceptance test and ensures an ideal Test-driven Development (TDD) environment. Just like any other software tool, it requires a certain degree of skills and expertise to perform automated framework testing. There’s a whole new bunch of people in the industry with the required credentials – they are known as software developers in testing (SDiT) and software engineers in testing (SEiT). 


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