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Know More About The TP800 Spectrophotometer

Principle of Spectrophotometer

A rainbow is a beautiful thing to see after rain, spreading different colors. Each color in light has a different wavelength. When light reaches objects, some wavelengths get absorbed, and others get reflected back.  We can only see the colors of reflected lights. The reason of green color of the leaf is that other colors are get absorbed. The same principle is applied for the spectrophotometer that measures the lights absorbed by a substance. All substances reflect back and absorb lights in a different way, for example, the fingerprints of each individual are different. The different materials are identified and quantified by the lights absorbed. The TP800 Spectrophotometer is used to determine the e L x a.b value, with Delta E value.


The device helps to evaluate the chemical makeup of a substance and used in many areas such as microbiology, physics, forensic, biochemistry, and medical health. The instrument also measures the ingredients of the drug to ensure safety. The spectrophotometer measures the amount of light through the substance.


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TP800 spectrophotometer – A High-Quality Tool for Color Measurement

TP800 spectrophotometer manufactured on the principle of joining exact LED spectroscopy means dividing the light as per the specific wavelength distance and accepting the assembly of the sensor array for performing the inspections. The instrument provides highly precise results and is abridged to any color. The machine determines the L x a.b value as well as the Delta E value precisely. The spectral reflectance curve is clearly evaluated with different parameters of various color formulas. Prior to using in the production process, the Japanese, American, and German Spectrophotometers are analyzed. The instrument has silicon photodiode sensor and combined LED light source. The wavelength is 400~700nm with an interval of 10nm. The specimen is observed in various lights such as D65,A, C, D55,D50, D75,F1,F2 (CWF) ,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7 (DLF) ,F8,F9,F11 (TL84), F10 (TPL5), F12 (TL83).


The instrument indicates the spectral value in the graphical representation, color offset, color difference, result and commercial value. The testing procedure is quick and takes only 1.5 seconds. The dimension of the machine is 90 * 77 * 230 mm, and weight is 600 grams. The Lithium-ion battery is used in the machine to perform the tests for 8 hours, and the maximum lamp life is 5 years. The instrument has a thin film transistor 3.5-inch display screen. The tool has a USB interface, and it can save a maximum of 15000 samples. The TP800 Spectrophotometer is provided with some accessories like lithium-ion battery, power adapter, CDROM with management software, Data-Line, operating instruction, calibration cavity (white and black), protective cover and wrist strap. The instrument is ergonomically designed and handy to move from one place to another. The instrument is  used in various industries, such as plastic industries, painting, textiles & garments production houses, cosmetic, medical, inks, printing, food industry, electronic manufacturing industries, in industrial laboratories and during scientific researchers, etc. 

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