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How To Select The Best Free Content Article Directory?

When you are picking an article directory to submit articles online for free, you have to be really picky because the exposure of your article will depend on the directory. But that is not the only concern that must be addressed, you have to get answers to other questions too such as should I be charged a fee for the submission? What is going to be my benefit? How much exposure will my content get? These are some of the common questions that deserve your answers.

You must not expect to pay anything to the directory when submitting the article on the online article directories. There are more things to consider such as fast approvals of the articles and quality customer services. You have to check these things so that you can receive large amount of traffic and revenue.

Free content article directory might not provide you choice to get extra incentives. There are some directories that give you a share of the revenue brought in from the articles. This an incentive that you get when submitting quality articles. Article submissions help you to get exposure to your blog and website and establish an awesome online brand.

It is not just the article directory that you have to be careful in selecting, you also have to be sure that the article is free from grammatical mistakes and spelling. You have to make the article quality unique. If your articles are great in quality, then your article is surely going to get accepted in the first attempt.

Here are some qualities that will let you identify the best website directory

  • Quality is what you need to look for. If the website is poorly designed and it is not appealed by the eyes. If the first impression of the website is awesome, then you will find its quality amazing.


  • Check if the directory is listed or not. Don’t just judge the directory by its look. In that case, it is best to see if it is listed. If the directory is not listed, then it won’t be able to drive traffic to your website. Look for the website on the search engine and make sure you find it in the first page of the search engine. If it’s not there, then that means the website has been penalized. You don’t want to get in the clutches of such a website.


  • Those directories that are updated frequently are considered to be the ones that are best. Look at the last date updated and you will find out when it was updated last.


  • The quality directories are those that have good editors who review and edit the submissions at regular intervals. Don’t select those websites that don’t have editors who take care and review the submissions.


Submit articles online for free by selecting the directories that are best in terms of quality. You are surely going to see positive results in the form of getting more and more traffic. So, just find the free content article directory and get started with the submission.


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