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5 Must Know Facts About PTE Exam

International students need to show a proof English proficiency while applying visas for study, work, and immigration purpose in a native country. English is the de facto language and mode of instruction. Non-speakers with a low language ability face challenges in understanding and communication in daily life. A higher English proficiency is the first thing need by applicants to start a career in foreign countries.  

Pearson Test of English

Several agencies are conducting tests and certifying non-speakers in English language. Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a globally recognised test conducted by PLC Group. Scores of the test are accepted in Australia, UK, US, Canada, and New Zealand for immigration, employments, and studies of non-speakers. Furthermore, takers get the exam result within five working days, and it remains available online for two years. Taking the test enables takers to avoid waiting for the score as needed in IELTS for 13 days.

In India, there are 16 authorised PTE centres which for booking and conducting test regularly. Finding a suitable test date is easy for takers. Take the PTE exam India booking it advance at the nearest location or as per your convenience. Indian students can take the test and get the desired score needed for a visa application to give wings to their careers in abroad.

Important Facts About PTE Test for Aspirants

IELTS and TOEFL held hegemonic position over the PTE in term of authorised centres and age. Though PTE is a new test but has won hearts of million takers already. It is an ideal option for international students to take a proficiency test. The PTE test offers a fair, transparent, and fast score to takers with worldwide acceptance. Over 6000 organisations accept the score of PTE, and this number is steadily growing.

Let us look real facts about PTE:

1. No Bias Score: Intelligent machines are utilised in offering marks to avoid bias and partiality as often seen with human checkers. Scores are given based on pre-defined rules programmed in the machines. Palm vein scanning helps in keeping the score secure and transparent.  

2. Computer-based Exam: It’s the only test conducting exam on computer. It is a perfect choice for takers who hate paperwork or interview with language experts.

3. No Ambiguous Questions: PTE test contains questions from academic and real-life settings. No ambiguous questions or local dialects expressions are used in the test. An overall PTE score can correctly state the expertise of takers in the language.

4. Book the Test Easily: There are over 150 authorised centres worldwide conducting the test in 50 nations. Finding a suitable test date and centre is easy for takers. Book your test 363 days a year using credit or debit card and with PTE vouchers.

5. Conducts Full Assessment of Takers: A PTE test contains four sections such as writing, reading, speaking, and listening reflecting the expertise of a taker. It has 20 different question formats and numerous items in each section.

Why Use PTE Voucher in Booking the Test?

The price of booking the PTE test before 48 hours is $330, but 25% extra charges apply for a late booking. Sometimes, takers need to go for exam repeatedly until the desired score is achieved. Taking this exam repeatedly creates financial problems for students. Buy PTE voucher to use in booking the test and get 10% discount on the original price. Contact us purchase a voucher and book the test immediately.

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