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The blast chillers are the type of freezer which has really low temperature range. This makes these chillers very cold. These chillers are also known as the shock freezers. They are given this name because they have the ability to reduce the temperature of the food products very quickly. The low temperature is important for preserving the food as low temperature reduces the metabolic rate of the food. These blast chillers in UK are used very commonly in the food products.

How blast chillers work:

Most of the blast chillers use blower fans. These fans emit cold air which results in reducing the temperature rapidly. These freezers are available in different designs. There is a variety when it comes to the functionality. Some of the chillers are equipped with trays and pallets which are adjustable.

Benefits of blast chillers:

There are several different advantages of having a blast freezer for your business. The best thing is that it keeps the food in the best quality. Apart from freezing the food product quickly it also offers a lot of health and safety benefits. The extreme temperature can really help in increasing the shelf life of the food products. This reduces the chances of contamination of food.

These freezers are mostly used in the commercial kitchens because they provide excellent food safety.

Energy efficiency tips for blast chillers:

Energy efficiency is always a priority for commercial use. It is always better to maintain the blast chillers and make them energy efficient so that you can save a lot of money on energy consumption.

Here are some of the tips that can help in saving energy:

Ensuring food safety:

It is very important that the food safety measurements are present in the chiller that you choose. Before you choose the chiller which has less energy consumption it is very important to make sure it has the ability to chill the food products in the required time.

Choosing the right size:

The energy consumption can be reduced significantly by choosing the right size for your business. You should only chill the food that you need. In this way the chiller will be much more efficient.

Before switching it on:

Before the chiller is switched on make sure that temperature is set correctly. The temperature should be 3 C for chilling and -18 C for freezing. The temperature should be set before you put any warm food in the chiller because if the temperature is not set then it will have to work harder. The chiller will be overworked and the energy consumption will be higher.

Half loaded:

If the chiller you are using is only half loaded then it is very important to space the trays evenly throughout the chiller. It will help in even cooling and the food will chill pretty quickly. The energy consumption can be reduced if you take care of the trays when the chiller is half loaded.

Air distribution:

It is important to ensure that the air distribution is even. The even air distribution will help in maintaining the temperature and the energy consumption will be decreased significantly.

Do not cover the food:

Covering the food while being stored in chiller will reduce efficiency of the blast cycle.

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