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               Our eco friendly palm leaf plates are made from fallen palm leaves. Disposable palm leaf plates are natural,biodegradable and used as single use dinnerware. Palm leaf plates are also know as leaf plates,palm plates.Disposable palm leaf plates are best suited for weddings, parties, picnics, outdoor caterings, celebrations, environmental friendly events and many more.palm leaf plates are 100% natural and boidegradable.

              The environmentally friendly palm dishes are made from a natural, renewable, and biodegradable raw material. Naturally discarded sheaths of the leaves of the palm tree are collected, which in the course of its biological life cycle, dry, fall and regenerate. No trees are cut down. The palm sheaths are then cleaned in fresh spring water and molded into shapes. Palm leaf plates are durable and leak proof, able to withstand hot and cold temperatures without getting soggy or flimsy.

               Elegant and disposable palm leaf plates are perfect for weddings and other events. Areca leaf plates have unique look with a beautiful texture that catch the eye and that add elegance to any party or wedding table. Palm leaves are also known as natural plates, areca leaf plates, leaf plates, palm plates, bio plates, betel nut plates. They are light weighted, stylish, 100% disposable  and  compost-able plates.

              Wedding palm leaf plates are environmentally friendly,elegant and affordable disposable palm leaf plates are best solution to your events.By using them not only save the planet but also add elegance  to your table,making your event even more special and memorable


              Plate and cups are made of Palm fallen Leaf which is fallen naturally from Palm tree. These plates are "Natures Gift" and better replacement of Anti-Environment plastics or polymers.

             The standard plastic and paper tableware is the palm leaf plates and bowls by LEAFTREND. LEAFTREND tableware are sturdy and suitable for hot, cold, wet and oily foods. These plates are purely natural and having no other artificial additives or chemical ingredients so that it rocks with new trends in catering sector. Its Natural, ECO Friendly, Bio-degradable, Disposable, Hygienic and Heat resistant to serve food. It can be used in Homes, Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Centre, Parties, Functions, Picnics, Outdoor Catering and many other applications where the plates used as "Use 'n' Throw".

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