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You need not know everything about Search Engine Optimization to start garnering the rewards of it. Even if you can afford a few instances at the oddest of times, you're likely to achieve something that's more prolific than most SEO pursuits that you have lined up. And who knows, you may just discover a valuable diversion.


The major SEO concepts are clear-cut.

  • Aiding the search engines to comprehend what your website stands for. For this you need to stick to one topic.
  • Speaking up to the world about your website. Communicate with your users online.
  • Making your website accessible. Help web crawlers understand the content of your website when they visit you.


And now for the quick fixes that you can employ to help your SEO even when you have little time or better still, while you're on holidays.

Authenticate and verify your sitemaps

Search engines tend to lose interest in your sitemap if they smell even a hint of dirt. To counter this, resolve your XML sitemaps to ensure that you're not pointing to any 404 or 500 web addresses. The good news is that you do not need to spend the entire evening inspecting pages; instead the Map Broker is a sitemap validator that will do this work for you. Present the address of your sitemap and hold down on the inaccuracies.

Quick fix?             

About five minutes per hundred web addresses is all it takes provided the data quality of your website is good.

Retrieve a little link strength

Locate pages on your website where users are linking to web addresses on your site that 404. Google will certainly be upset wasting time on your website by looking at useless pages. Crawl Errors in Google Webmaster Tools will reveal the pages that are linking erroneously. In case of any internal links, make a note of them and fix them at a later date. However, for external links you can either contact the website asking them t o correct the link or create Redirect 301. The former, of course gives you the opportunity to reach out to people and reinforce your relationships.

Quick fix?             

Five minutes for each website you should make contact with, locate email addresses and email.

Produce video sitemaps

They are extremely valuable at getting Google to index your videos. Gather a list of videos on your website along with titles and the actual location. Learn about the video sitemap configuration requirements at the Google website so that you know how to generate a file in that format with your data. With the sitemap in place, propose it to Google using Webmaster Central.

Quick fix?             

The time required really depends on the number of videos your website has, since you need to collect the video data and create the sitemap. However, you could just take 30 minutes and create a video sitemap for 10 - 12 videos and get it running.

Grab the attention of new viewers

Write a blog post that will fascinate a different set of viewers. Widening the viewership will get more and diverse group of people linking to your site who will further endorse the subject on niche websites.

Since the number of niches is unlimited, it can be tough to pick one. Make sure the content is what someone will find interesting. Of course, you do run the risk of upsetting your regular readers by going off on a tangent. In that case you may think about publishing the new content on a static web address or in an independent sector of your website.

Quick fix?             

Set up deadlines and generate an idea. Then write an outline of the post and finish it off by looking up prospects to endorse it.

Impress the influential bloggers

Once you have the influential bloggers identified, do something extraordinary to impress them and to have their attention drawn towards you.

One would expect you to know who the dominant writers in your niche are. Know their inspirations, and create a list of your own. Trim it down to something that inspires your favorite bloggers and write away.

Quick fix?             

Thinking takes time but one astoundingly grand idea can create something really effectual, something that makes the prominent writers look your way.

Collect intelligence on your links

Identify visitors that you can have closer relationship with. Extract their contact addresses from the email subscription list or just scan your customer database. Don't be shy in employing tools such as Qwerly or Fliptop to determine a list of mailing addresses and retrieve data for a small price tag.

Customers with the highest follower count are good targets for endorsing content or innovative produce. Even in a limited amount of time, you can send tailored emails to high-ranking contacts from your lists to express your gratitude and while you're at it, offer something exceptional.

Quick fix?          

Depending on your technical ability, it can be a bit arduous to run with a new Application Program Interface. However, the tools are pretty adept at importing contact lists, so let them do their job.

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