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5 Do’s And Don’ts To Avoid Blocked Drain Emergency

Are you aware that more than 50% of blocked drain emergencies in the UK are triggered by homeowners’ action of flushing wrong things down their sink, bathroom and toilet drains? Lowering the number of blocked drain scenarios seems a challenging job for the local councils. However, if you are a household, you can probably do your bit by following some easy instructions or tips and avoid blocked drain emergency.

In fact, locals from all parts of the country can put these do’s and don’ts into implementation and reduce their drain repair bills dramatically. Sounds relieving? Continue reading then.

5 Things Worth Adhering To For Preventing Blocked Drain

Consider the below mentioned tips and tricks to maintain your drain performance year round and avoid risk of blockage. These easy-to-follow tips will also help you trim down your drain repair bill over time. Needless to say, less drainage problems mean less anxiety and troubles.

Don’t Let Greasy Substance Like Oil, Fat And Sauces Go Down Your Sink Drain

Leftover food, cooking oil, fat and sauces when dumped into the kitchen drain can stick to the drainage pipe causing water to run slow. If you have a wrong habit of pouring down hot oil or sauces into your sink drains, please note that they will solidify inside your pipe when come in contact to waste water causing a blockage. Blocked sink can also lead to localized flooding if you continue running the tap water.

Throw Away All Leftover Pieces In Bin Before You Wash Utensils

While cleaning utensils in the sink, you need to be careful of not allowing any leftover particle go down the drain. First, collect food waste into a container; wipe down all plates, pans and pots with a kitchen roll; and now you can put your utensils into sink or dishwasher, if you are using one. Dispose of the leftover food and other organic waste into kitchen bin. Drainage specialists strongly recommend fitting sink strainers in kitchen for trapping food waste and preventing blocked drain Maidstone.

Don’t Drain Sanitary Items Down Your Toilet

Blocked toilet or flooding toilets are a most common sight in the country. While toilets are to take out human waste to main sewer lines, many households in the country also use it to flush sanitary items (like nappies and toilet roll), soft cotton buds, dental floss and even condoms. There are also stories of finding toys, pen drives and many other unusual items from toilets. You just need to watch out what you flush in your toilet and you are less likely to witness the need unblocking drain Maidstone. Make a habit of placing a bin inside your bathroom. So, everything which can’t be flushed can be disposed into the bin.

Regularly Remove Hair From Bathroom Plug Hole

Don’t allow hairs or any other solid particles travel down your bathroom and bathtub drains. You will see all hairs are collected in drain plug hole. You just need to clean the plug hole regularly to lower the risk of clogged drain.

Choose Regular Drain Cleaning

This is one of the many proven ways to avoid blocked drain scenario. Regularly cleaning will help you keep your drainage pipes clean from within. You can use simple household items like vinegar, baking soda, hot water and detergent to clean your drains on own. You can also seek professional drain cleaning service 2-3 times a year to ensure deep cleaning and catch any drainage problem in its early stage.

None of you wants blocked drain, so follow these 6 tips and say good bye to blockages!

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