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Dr. David Morrow On Vladimir Putin Face Lift

Did Vladimir Putin Have a Face Lift?

Dr. David Morrow Analyzes Vladimir Putin

To Determine if the Russian President had Plastic Surgery


Love or Hate Him --- There's No Question:

Vladimir Putin is In Charge!


Whether you hate or love Vladimir Putin, there’s no denying that he is one of the world’s most powerful people and one of the world’s most masterful politicians. Vladimir Putin owns the press in his homeland and even in the free world, Putin pretty much gets the coverage he wants.

Vladimir Putin clearly cares about how his is perceived and masterfully controls his image, be it shirtless on vacation or wearing a designer suit at the Kremlin. Because Putin does care so much about his image and how he looks in photographs, I wondered if the Russian president has had plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery or Botox®. So I consulted with one of the world’s top facelift and facial rejuvenation experts, David Morrow, MD to get the answer to this question: Did Vladimir Putin have a facelift or any other kind of facial procedure?

I knew I could trust Dr. Morrow, the founder and director of The Morrow Institute in Rancho Mirage, California, to give me the right answer because of his special expertise in two aspects of facial cosmetic surgery: 1) Performing natural looking facelifts. Dr. Morrow’s facelift surgery is so artfully performed that, practically speaking, it is undetectable. His patients don’t look “done”; they look like themselves, just younger and refreshed; and 2) Fixing botched facelifts and botched facial procedures performed by others. Dr. Morrow has helped grateful patients from around the world by reversing the bad results of other doctors who did not have the skill or artistry to create natural looking results.


With his credentials and experience, Dr. Morrow can detect almost any facial cosmetic surgery and can spot even the best, most natural looking facelift. I asked him to watch videos and view still photos of Vladimir Putin and tell me if the Russian president had a facelift or any other type of facial plastic surgery and if so, to evaluate the work. Here is what Dr. Morrow said:

“In my opinion, it is apparent that Mr. Putin has undergone the following procedures:


Lower Cheek/Neck Lift – This procedure rejuvenates the lower cheek and neck. In Mr. Putin’s case, the surgeon did a very good job in that the surgery is not obvious in fact, it was a little “underdone.”   Mr. Putin’s ear cartilages look prominent and the skin over then is very thin, indicative of a face lift carefully performed. However, it may be that Mr. Putin’s earlobes have been “tacked in” as part of the facelift, rather than carefully tailored and refined. This is a less than optimal surgical result though not surprising since many surgeons do not have the skill and artistry to create natural looking earlobes as the finishing touch to their facelifts. Still, overall, Mr. Putin has a very good surgical result.  

Lower Lid Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) - It appears Mr. Putin has had surgery on his lower eyelids because the shape of his eyes is a bit rounded and the lid slightly  pulled down. I doubt that Mr. Putin has had surgery on his upper eyelids because there is still considerable excess skin on his upper eyelids.


Botox® - It is obvious that Mr. Putin has received excessive Botox® injections to his forehead for two reasons: his forehead is expressionless and his eyebrows are low. These are two, sure, tell tail signs of too much Botox® injected to the forehead and unfortunately, it is something I often see in celebrities, newscasters and politicians.     

Overall, I believe that Vladimir Putin looks good and does not look overly “done.”  Fortunately, the effects of the Botox® will soften over time; hopefully in the future, Mr. Putin will choose a doctor who uses Botox® more judiciously.” Also, if he ever has another facelift, I would hope the next surgeon takes more care to refine Mr. Putin’s earlobes.”


Dr. David Morrow's Final Word on Vladimir Putin


Well there you have it from Dr. David Morrow, one of the world’s great facelift experts. Vladimir Putin did not go to a shlock surgeon to get work done on his face and he is not the victim of botched surgery. Mr. Putin once again proves he is a man who is in charge. Vladimir Putin is comfortable with himself and in control of his environment, no matter who he is with or what he is doing, even when it comes to facelifts and plastic surgery.


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