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Emporio Armani Super Slim Quartz AR2057 Men’s Watch

Ask people and mostly the answer would be Emporio and Giorgio are two brothers or father and son, which is equally ludicrous. Emporio is a twist on the word Emporia, which means, ‘a large retail store organized into departments offering a variety of merchandise; commonly part of a retail chain.’ It’s essentially a male fashion brand, so Emporio. Giorgio Armani himself designs everything available under the brand – well, mostly - , including its rather extensive unique watches of which, the Super Slim Quartz AR2057 is a prominent part. It’s meant for them who like to dress in a sophisticated, minimalist way; its gray stainless steel and leather stands as an impressive combination of originality.

Precision followed the imagination that went into the Emporio Armani Super Slim Quartz AR2057 Men’s Watch and created a new style that presents innovative design a uniquely fused with cutting edge technology. All this come together to exhibit the signature Emporio Armani aesthetic; an elegant sophistication achieved through a colour palette focused on silver and grey tones. The neutral shades and metal finishes gels into any atmosphere; be it work or pleasure, it sets the mood equally for every purpose and for every environment.

Flamboyant style meets outstanding sophistication in this elegant Emporio Armani Classic Watches. At a stunning 43mm stainless steel case and calfskin band, it is the timepiece meant to be worn at the high places but built to withstand the harshness of daily life. A grey dial builds up its ultimate stylish appearance while the mineral crystal imparts it an outstanding toughness that’s hard to believe existing within the sleek, subtle design. Together, they instil an unmatched and unmistakable sense of luxury, which doesn’t come alone from receiving just the backing of an exclusive brand.

Apart from its build and the quality of the materials, it’s also the stunning design of the AR2057 that stands as its main selling point. Its quality is also much higher than those comparable on the basis of price; even for some that come from the top Emporio Armani Meccanico Automatic brands. It looks amazing and unless you are taking it for extreme sports like deep sea diving or a round of rugby, it’s going to hold the ground and still retain its beautiful, stunning finish and performance. That means, it will continue catching attention and look pristine as it is required in the business and dress circuits. Unlike many other expensive watches that see occasional usage, it is not a piece that requires babying around.

Overall, the Emporio Armani Chronograph Quartz AR2057 Men’s Watch is a formidable choice that gets a free access anywhere between the world of fashion and business; thanks to its impeccable craftsmanship.

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