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Certainly, installing a refrigerated shop shelving unit to your store can be a great benefit to your business as it provides additional shelving space and the opportunity to stock a wide range of products such as fresh, chilled and frozen goods. No doubt, it's crucial to meet your requirements with the right refrigerated unit while ensuring that the rest of your shop shelving also goes well with your chiller or freezer within the available space you have.

If you are looking to refit your store or want to make some adjustments to your store layout, just go for a bespoke approach to your shop shelving configuration, particularly if you are adding refrigerated shelving units. Either you want to refit a small corner shop or the large department store, there are a few fundamental requirements that one needs to follow;

  • You need to efficiently use the available space to display products in a cost-effective
  • Choose a layout that eventually maximizes sales and encourages customers to revisit
  • Install reliable and durable system of shop shelving and refrigerated shelving in your outlet
  • Go for the adaptable shelving units as you can change them according to the products and stock that need to be displayed
  • Shopfittings and shop shelving, which is affordable and long lasting

Whenever you talk about refrigerated shelving, you need to consider several things regarding how the shelving unit or chiller will fit into your existing shelving configuration, or how to set up a new layout that maximizes efficiency of your store. As we all know, freezers and chillers take up considerable space, particularly when used in a smaller store, so it's significant to ensure that the positioning of these units does not hinder shop traffic or considerably lessen other shelving space. Staff and customers need to be able to access both the refrigerated shelving as well as the shelving around it, and there must be sufficient aisle space for a wheelchair or push-chair to cross each section of your store.

It’s best to place your refrigerated shelving unit at the back of your store, meaning that when customers entering your store looking for fresh products, a chilled drink or other refrigerated item, they need to walk all the way through the shop to get to the refrigerator. In this way, they will be exposed to a variety of other products, which increases the possibility of an impulse buy. On the other hand, if you have stocked expensive items such as alcohol in your refrigerated shelving unit, it's a good idea to put it in a location that can easily be seen from the shop counter to minimize theft.

You also need to think about access to electrical power, adequate space for maintenance and repair, and the eco-rating of your machine while choosing a refrigerated shelving unit. As per the specific requirements, your local shop shelving specialist should be able to advise you or get you in touch with a refrigerated shelving expert.


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