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Unlike decades ago, the schedule of a high school student is now packed to the brim. Apart from intense academic workload, there are oodles of activities that one is expected to participate in to not get left behind. So, when one decides to start preparing for SATs, one must put aside 3-4 months where one can dedicate about 2 hours a day to preparation for best results.

Once you start the classes with us, we do a quick appraisal of your current skills and get down to basics and get your fundamentals in place. This is one exam where solid foundation leads to great scores. Teachers and the students work in tandem to devise a plan that works for an individual. We monitor the progress, find the shortcomings and give constructive feedback and do regular follow ups.

Then we inculcate a habit of reading, writing, and conversing in English to complement the classroom learnings. Everything you’ll learn in three months with us will go way beyond the 4-hour test. The best part is that SAT Exam are one of the most interesting exams you’ll ever take.

And even if it may sound philosophical or clichéd, the truth is one needs to have a centered mind. In those four hours of exam, you can allow nothing else to come between you and those sheets of paper. If you can achieve this equilibrium, you’ll find a marked difference in scores.

One of the most crucial part of preparation is time management. Time is crucial, and until the time is playing with your mind, you’ll never be able to do your best or justify your talent. As time is scarce, it demands concentration. Some questions will take less time than the others. Make that distinction and divide time accordingly. Revision can get you as much as 100 additional points.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a taken 10 or more mock tests, spent hundreds of hours training and practicing the questions. When the exam date arrives, you’ll be at your peak. We will also keep you updates with New SAT formats regularly.

At the end of the day, as the stakes are high, it all boils down to nerves. How one handles the pressure can be difference between a good and an exceptional score. It can be the difference between getting into a good university or a great one.

Author Bio: - My name is Shirish Gupta and I’ve been a professional guidance counselor and mentor for more than 7 years. I specialize in US admissions as I’ve lived and worked in US for over 10 years. My work profile has been a diverse experience of being a Computer Engineer, a Financial Analyst, a Teacher, a Content Writer, an Admission Counselor and even a Keynote speaker. I have worked with a Technology Company (TCS), a Financial company (UBS Financials) and various Educational Organizations.

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