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Dr. David Morrow On Did Hillary Clinton Have A Face Lift?

Did Hillary Clinton Have a Face Lift?

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. It’s a safe bet to assume that one of these people will be the next President of the United States. They’re all tough but which one of these candidates has dodged the most political---and personal---bullets and for the longest time?

A good argument can be made that nobody has survived more political and personal fire than Hillary Clinton. Google her name and see the list that comes up: Whitewater, White House Travel Office, The Bimbo Eruption Office, Benghazi and now the top secret emails loaded on Hillary’s private server that was kept in a bathroom, plus the stories her primadonna ways with in the Bill Clinton White House and beyond. Yet, Hillary Clinton is still the most likely candidate to represent the Democratic Party in their quest to keep the Presidency. To the Democratic base, she still looks great and she is holding on to the coalition who successfully elected President Obama. Hillary Clinton is surging in national polls and already holds the vast majority of delegates heading into the Democratic convention.

The purpose of this article is not to speak either for or against Hillary Clinton, but rather to answer the burning question that both her supporters and haters both want to know: Did Hillary Clinton have a facelift or any other cosmetic surgery?

Once again, I had the privilege of consulting with one of the world’s leading facelift experts, Dr. David Morrow of The Morrow Institute in Rancho Mirage, CA to get his opinion. Dr. Morrow is not only acknowledged by his peers as a top facelift surgeon, he’s also known as the “go-to guy” to fix botched facelifts performed by less talented surgeons.

After preparing a video of Hillary Clinton showing her in action during two different time periods and submitting it to Dr. Morrow for review to determine if Mrs. Clinton had a facelift or any kind of cosmetic surgery, here is what Dr. Morrow said:

“I just reviewed the video of Hillary Clinton you sent to me. As you requested, I paid close attention to see if there was any change in her face before & after the 2 minute mark. Apparently the first two minutes of the video was filmed many months before the last two minutes of the video and in fact, Mrs. Clinton does look better in the second two minutes of the video. That said, I am quite certain that the improvement in Mrs. Clinton’s appearance has nothing to do with any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure. And unlike Carly Fiorina, Megan Kelley and almost every celebrity these days, Mrs. Clinton does not even show any signs of having had Botox® injections.


The fact that Mrs. Clinton looks better in the last two minutes of the video has to do with increased lighting on her face. Using extra lighting is an old Hollywood cameraman trick which makes wrinkles less visible and “disappear” through the camera lens. Also, it seems that Mrs. Clinton used a lighter color makeup in the second half of the video which also helps her look younger.

All this said, I can’t help but point out that that Mrs. Clinton could greatly benefit from a number of surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures that would help her look not just younger but refreshed, more positive and more energetic. Most important, if performed with skill and artistry, these procedures would provide natural looking results which are essential for a woman in Mrs. Clinton’s position. [See Dr. Morrow’s facial rejuvenation suggestions for Hillary Clinton, below.*]

There you have it. According to Dr. David Morrow, as far as Hillary Clinton’s face is concerned, what you see is what you get: Hillary Clinton is the real thing. Like many of us, her current facial characteristics have more to do with genetics and lifestyle than with the work of a cosmetic surgeon. And like the great stars of Hollywood, Hillary Clinton uses lighting and makeup to help her look her best in front of the camera.

For the rest of us, who can’t use lighting to hide wrinkles, there are great facial surgeons like Dr. David Morrow who are our allies in the war against the aging face. In hands such as Dr. Morrow’s, we can look younger and refreshed….and most important, look like ourselves!

* Here is Dr. David Morrow’s advice to Hillary Clinton for natural looking facial rejuvenation, to help her look refreshed, friendlier and more energetic:  

Upper Facelift:  Mrs. Clinton could benefit from a carefully performed upper facelift that would symmetrically raise both her eyebrows and promote a more feminine arch in her brows. This would give Mrs. Clinton a friendlier, more open look which would enhance her personal appeal. Also the upper facelift would allow for the removal the excess tissue in between her eyebrows which would reduce her scowl. 

Eye Lid Surgery: Though many surgeons cut the upper eyelids (a full upper blepharoplasty) to remove drooping eyelid skin, I prefer to raise sagging upper eyelid skin with the upper facelift which provides a more open and friendly look to the eyes without any visible scar on the eyelid. However, it would be important that I remove Mrs. Clinton’s medial (near the nose) fat pads and using a scarless technique, remove the prominent fat pads of her lower eyelids, because even with expert lighting and makeup, these upper and lower fat pads make Mrs. Clinton look tired and old.

Cheek & Neck Facelift: As is typical of women her age witha fatty face, Mrs. Clinton has general sagging of the face & neck with heavy jowls, deep naso-labial folds (the lines between the lower edge of the nose going down the lips), and sagging of excess tissue all the way down to her collar bones. All these issues can be adroitly addressed for Mrs. Clinton with a skillfully performed lower cheek/ neck lift that would give Mrs. Clinton a more youthful and energetic look without making her look pulled or “fakey.”

Earlobeplasty:  The finishing touch to Mrs. Clinton’s facelift would be the refining and tailoring of her earlobes for a very natural look. Unfortunately, earlobeplasty is rarely performed because of the effort, time, skill, and artistry this procedure requires. But the often the difference between a great facelift and a botched facelift is the way the earlobes are finished. Leaving earlobes long and stretched or just tacking in the lobes back into the face, creating “pixie” or “devil’s” ears, are dead giveaways of a poorly performed facelift which is something Mrs. Clinton would not want.

Skin Rejuvenation:  In my opinion, everyone can benefit from skin rejuvenation that promotes new, healthier, younger looking skin; Mrs. Clinton is no exception. And even though I was one of the first to use lasers on the face for skin rejuvenation, I have found that a custom skin peel using a range of acidic solutions, what I call a Designed Skin Peel® is the best way to achieve younger, more beautiful skin.  A Designed Skin Peel® would greatly refresh Mrs. Clinton’s skin, remove many of her wrinkles and help her look refreshed and radiant.

Lip Enhancement:  After seeing so many disastrous celebrity lip augmentations, most mature woman squirm at the suggestion that I enhance their lips. But for many women, including Hillary Clinton, as they age, their upper lip gets longer and looks stretched out, making them look stern and even elderly. I would address this common problem for Mrs. Clinton with judicious use of filler and/or by performing a minor surgery to the upper lip to restore youthful contour and turn back the clock with almost no downtime and natural looking results.

NOTE:  Most of my patients at Hillary Clinton’s age have significant sagging soft tissue of the midface due to bone loss and can benefit from cheek or chin implants; however, Mrs. Clinton is an exception. Hillary Clinton appears to have maintained relatively good bones structure and has retained her cheek fat pads, which though they have fallen, could be restored to their original position as part of a cheek and neck facelift. So I would not suggest cheek or chin implants for Mrs. Clinton at this time.


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