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Why Text-based Marketing Is Superior To Email Advertising

Email ads, texting ads, people get them on a daily basis.


They fill up inboxes, take up memory and are generally among the most common things people will find on any phone.


And yet, the two are not necessarily equal, at least when it comes to being used as marketing tools.


Going back to those inboxes, it’s not unusual to find folks with email addresses that repeatedly get flooded by waves and waves of email ads.


But completely filled text message inboxes? Those are tougher to come by.


For the most part, people are simply more inclined to open each message they receive as opposed to bothering to go through each and every email they get, and it’s easy to understand why.


First off, opening a text message simply requires maybe one or two taps on the smartphone.


But opening an email? That means loading the app, waiting for it, navigating over to the email itself and then opening it.


The difference between the two processes may ultimately amount to nothing more than a minute, but that’s an eternity when it comes to enticing people to read an important ad or message.


Marketing is supposed to make it easier for people to learn more about companies and their offerings and in that regard, texting becomes clearly superior to email.


Even though a long text message can seem clunky and messy, people will still be more inclined to open it than most any kind of email.


Marketing should be about giving the company a shot at landing a customer. Both email and texting can get a company close, but only one converts most of the time.


If a company values being seen by their customers above everything else, then text message-based marketing is clearly the option to choose, and those emails may be better used for something else.


Beyond just being seen, a text message-based marketing campaign can also be more successful than one that relies on email once companies consider the value of a customer’s reply.


Being seen by itself is already a positive for a company, but if that can also translate to an actual exchange of information between the company and the customer, then that would be even better.


Yet again, the ease of replying to a text message trumps that of the slightly trickier and more time- consuming process that is needed to answer an email.


Replying to a text message can take a matter of seconds, but responding to an email can be an ordeal unto itself, and one that customers may decide they want no part of.


There may be instances wherein email is still superior to text messaging but when it comes to advertising, the latter comes out on top.

Author Bio

Nathan Gabriel is a technology change consultant and sales manager with over 10 years experience in program management, client services, account management and multi-channel optimization. Considerable experience across multiple industries including the Telecommunications, and Media and Entertainment. He specializes in client experience, business process re-engineering, business requirements development, contact center optimization, customer relationship management and organizational analysis. He has led multiple teams in the successful development and implementation of new business models, new desktop applications, and new self-service channels. Helping others understand technology is something he admits to being quite passionate about.    

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