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Explore About The Intricate Workings Of Jyotish Shastra

Since time immemorial, human has turned to astrology to determine the course of their fate. Soothsayers and oracles have shaped the course of history through centuries, so why should it stop now? While the likes of soothsayers rely on epiphany or vision, however, Indian astrologers heavily rely on the alignment of planet and scientific sources to determine the course of fate.

Vedic astrology is a scientific way to predetermine the course of the future, based on past life experiences, birth times, planetary positions, etc. In order to understand how Vedic astrology works, it is first essential to learn about what it sources are.


Sources of Vedic astrology


The Vedas are the primary source for Vedic astrology that talks about the effect of planets on the fate of man. The planets presence in each house differently affects an individual which the slokas state.

It was Parashara who was the founder of Vedic Astrology and was responsible for the creation of natal charts to study the fates of an individual. These charts are still in use nowadays.

How does it work?


Jyotish shastra is mainly concerned about studying the relationship between the universe and an individual and assessing its effects. The Siddhas studied the universe and expanded on the relation. They stated that the waves of energy present in the cosmos were responsible for the fate of man. However, these waves of energy come in the form of both positive and negative energy.

Expanding on these viewpoints, Vedic astrology considered the moon sign to be of prime importance. It combines the study of yogas which is the quality of nine planets and assesses their influence on the twelve houses. It also evaluates how the gunas like Tamas, etc and the five elements affect destiny.

The prediction is done through the study of birth charts which comprise of the birth time and place which determines your destiny and any obstacles present.


Common astrological remedies to address problems

Often enough the studies conducted by jyotish reveals that some planet might be in retrograde mode. This is responsible for producing some unfavourable circumstances which produces obstacles in the path of a blissful life. These are known as dosha present in the birth carts of individuals.

Some common doshas include Pitra dosha, mangal dosha, Shani dosha and so on. It is the presence of these doshas that affect performance and makes life difficult.

The presence of these doshas can be rectified and removed according to Vedic astrology. This can be done through:

  • By chanting mantras.
  • Observing yagnas and pujas and following all rituals related to them.
  • Following certain practices like fasting on certain specific days.
  • Wearing beads or garlands prescribed by an astrologer.
  • Deriving energy through Yantras organized.

Go ahead and consult with an astrologer today to experience the benefits of Indian astrology. Through it, you can rectify the retrograde problems and mitigate your losses. Astrology is incredibly powerful provided you opt for the right astrologer. So, go ahead and be empowered with the knowledge of your future!


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