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Drink, For Extra Energy

An energy drink is a type of beverage which contains chiefly caffeine, and is marketed as providing mental and physical stimulation. They may or may not be carbonated and many also contain sugar or other sweeteners.

On an average a soft drink distributor earns a lot due to this business as many people are addicted to energy drinks, as energy drinks are supposed to do just what the name implies -give you an extra burst of energy. As it turns out, most of that "energy" comes from two main ingredients: sugar and caffeine. A typical energy drink can contain up to 80 milligrams of caffeine (about the same amount as a cup of coffee). By comparison, a 2006 study found that the average 12-ounce soda contains 18 to 48 mg of caffeine.

Other than caffeine levels, how do energy drinks differ from sodas and sports drinks? Soft drinks are mainly water, sugar and flavoring. They don't do anything for your body; they're just supposed to taste good. Sports drinks are designed to replenish fluids lost during activity. They typically contain water, electrolytes and sugar. Energy drinks have added caffeine and other ingredients that their manufacturers say increase stamina and "boost" performance. They're designed for students, athletes and anyone else who wants an extra energy kick.

Caffeine works by blocking the effects of adenosine, a brain chemical involved in sleep. When caffeine blocks adenosine, it causes neurons in the brain to fire. Thinking the body is in an emergency, the pituitary gland initiates the body's "fight or flight" response by releasing adrenaline. This hormone makes the heart beat faster and the eyes dilate. It also causes the liver to release extra sugar into the bloodstream for energy. Caffeine affects the levels of dopamine, a chemical in the brain's pleasure center. All of these physical responses make you feel as though you have more energy. Due to this effect of feeling more energetic the consumption of energy drinks has gone up, so there are large number of soft drinks wholesaler and soft drinks distributor getting profited by this high consumption of energy drinks.


The global consumption of energy drinks shot up from 842 million litres in 1998 to5.6 billion litres in 2012.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, Austria, home of Red Bull, led the global per capita consumption charts with 7.6 litres in 2012, followed by Ireland and the UK (both 6.3 litres), Switzerland (6 litres), the US (5.4 litres) and Australia (5.3 litres). In 2013 the UK energy drinks market was worth £1.2 billion (Mintel), making it the third-largest soft drinks category. Soft Drink UK Ltd is one of the biggest soft drinks distributors UK has, and you can buy soft drinks online from their official website. There are large numbers of soft drinks wholesale UK has been seeing for the past few years.

Heavily bankrolled brands like Red Bull, Monster and Relentless sit alongside many flavours of Lucozade, a raft of newcomers and supermarket own-labels.

The category is only set to grow as these brands continue to innovate and invest in eye-catching ad campaigns, with Mintel forecasting it will rise 63% in value by 2017. If u want to know more about soft drinks online then find us on

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