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Customer Retention 2016 - Local SEO Domination

Digital marketing campaigns can be crucial for all website owners that are struggling for a higher position in any search engine but in special Google since it has more than 86% from all indexed traffic of the web. The best solution is always to invest small and have a high return of investment, this is why I recommend to start dominating the local market. It is a good strategy to create local authority and branding.

       Even if the idea sounds good to be 100% sure you invest in the right digital marketing agency, you need first to understand three easy things. First, log in to your google account and also to Google Keyword Planner (a free software were you can have a better image about the number of searches per month for a specific keyword).Next do the math and calculate with a minimum conversion rate (how many of all those users will buy your product or service from your website). Next go and consult a Local SEO Agency that can explain better how are things doing regarding the SEO competition, PPC competition and finally decide what tactic you will approach.

      You only have two options: One is to dominate the organic results and the other one is to dominate the sponsored results. The most important decision you have to make is what digital marketing you should choose.

      I am a website detective and explorer since 2011, I have seen a lot of websites but it make sense for anyone that a good SEO agency will never pay to Google to display their links, a good SEO agency will rank naturally in the first page of Google. I recommend that you start with a Local Digital Marketing Agency and wait to do their job because we all know how competitive can be certain markets. It can be also cheaper than ranking national or international. I'm not saying that ranking organic is rocket science but it really time consuming and these days your website structure and content is very important and definitely can make the difference between positions in Google or any other search engine,       Sure, there are a lot of good tactics that you can find in many articles around the web but SEO is a full job and only if the competition is very low than you can try by yourself to rank in the first page. There are situations when the online marketing agency itself do harm for your business, if they are not experienced and you find them on a strange website for a very low price. This is why I recommend to hire a local marketing agency that you can find it very easy on the first page of the organic results. I can also recommend Neovora, a very good digital marketing agency in United States that can provide amazing results.

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I'm 31 years old, I'm married, have 2 kids and I work as a digital marketer here. In my free time I love to travel and go fishing. From time to time I write articles about my work and some search engine strategies and tactics.

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