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How To Get Your Drains Ready For Summer

Summer days will knock your door anytime soon now. The time of the year when you host that much-awaited BBQ party, invite your friends or families for the gathering, plan a pool party and do spend some quality time with your beloved ones. But do you think your drains are prepared to work hassle-free for all these summer activities at your home? If not, make them ready. 

Summer is the best time of the year to carry out drainage maintenance and repair.  Besides, proactive cleaning will help prevent major blockage and other expensive drain repairs.  In hot days, blocked drains can quickly produce a nasty smell. If you want to ensure the drains function well and don’t cause any obstruction to your happy summer days, it is vital to prepare your drains and sewers for sunshine days ahead of time.

Here are some expert recommended tips to prevent blocked drain and other drainage problems this summer. 

Clear Your Drains Of Debris

This is the first step to begin with your summer drain care. Clean your drains and take out any debris the pipes may have accumulated over months. While you can always use drain cleaners from the market to clean your drainage pipes from within. Pour a good amount of water to ensure there is no obstacle to the flow. 
Check the pace the water runs through the drainage cover. If you find the water is running slowly than normal or watching any other sign of blocked drain, it is wise to seek help of a drainage specialist to take the drain cleaning job. A professional drainage company in Kent offers a deep drain cleaning service leveraging the potential of high-pressure water jetting technology. 

Fix Leakages And Damages To The Drainage Pipes

Chances are that winter freezing has caused structural damage to your drainage pipe. Or your drainage pipe may have leakages. If you continue using leaking or damaged drain, it can further damage your pipe and cause burst pipes or collapsed pipes which can turn out an expensive affair. 

So, finding a leak or damage in its initial stage and getting it fixed by a qualified drainage professional makes a better alternative. Old homes in the country have the higher risk of damaged pipes.

Empty Septic Tank & Clean It

Hire a professional drainage cleaners to hydro-jet your septic tank and clear it of all waste. The trained drainage technicians will pump out the waste and inspect the tank if it is damage-free. Ideally, one should replace septic tank every 3 years. And of course cleaning them at least once a year is essential.

Watch Out For FOG

FOG meaning Fat, oil and grease are three biggest culprits or reasons of blocked drain. If you be a responsible household and keep your eyes open on what you are dumping in your drainage system, it will help you avoid calling out a drainage unblocking company in an emergency. Don’t throw any item into your drains that they are not designed to be used for.

Lastly, if you still encounter any kind of drainage problem, don’t delay calling out a drainage expert to look into the matter and quickly fix it in the most effective way.

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