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Ethical Travel - Why It’s Important

Ethical Travel - Why It’s Important


Many people are conscious of the importance of looking after the environment, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to consider the environmental impact of decisions we make and actions we take on a daily basis.  Whether it’s foods we buy, transport we use or our choice of recreation, we’re constantly having to think about the impact and avoid being mislead by branding and advertising that’s promoting an ethical choice which perhaps isn’t what it appears to be.  Media bombard us with mixed messages about what’s best for the environment and how to keep carbon footprint to a minimum, but this is always changing.  It can leave many wanting to do the right thing for the future and having the best intentions, but not knowing where to turn.


One area where these the decision to take the environment into consideration is in our choice of travel and holiday.  The impact on the environment that can be felt by the number of holidays taken throughout the year is immense.  Unfortunately, when considering travel, too many people think only of cost and ticking off another country on the list.  However making your travel ethical and considering the environment does not mean expense nor does it mean sacrificing a trip of a lifetime.


Ethical Global Travel has taken the time to forge relationships with local destination tour operators, and together we have designed tours and experiences that benefit the local community and reduce Carbon Footprint.  We believe that responsible travel can still be a profoundly enjoyable experience and our tours are once in lifetime.  We have various ethical tours that in many different countries in Africa.  From bird-watching tours, cultural tours, historical tours, walking tours and even gorilla tracking.  


At Ethical Global Travel ( we firmly believe that you will experience a more rewarding, memorable and enjoyable holiday experience if you plan your travel to take into consideration the local culture and try to add benefit to them.  Researching your trip to understand how the local people live and how you can get involved, will make you part of something, rather than just an outside spectator ‘tourist’.  A gorilla tracking tour in Uganda for example, would be conducted by a local guide whom we have approved and who knows everything to give you the authentic experience.  There are no tourist traps, you become part of the culture and experience everything as a local.  Our tours are all inclusive and we can arrange everything.


If you can see the benefits of ethical travel and sustainable travel, have a look at our tours on our website and please get in touch.


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