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 Do not know when did it happens, or even how it begins, Remy found his different feelings about the girl who always wandered around the picturesque river bank  outside the countryside in the last beam of the sunset. Every evening, he would hide himself behind an huge old oak tree stood aside the river and affectionately gaze at her, more than carefully and quitely.
       Day by day, his obsession with the girl was gradually increasing and he almost could not refrain himself from showing the deep affection to her. The most part of the beautiful girl he was fascinated with must be her long hair, he more than once told himself this. Not only because he was graduated from a hairdresser training school five years ago and he was born to own a sharp sense of hairdressing issues like hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions and he longed for opening a hairdresser shop named Remy Hair Weave for a very long time, but also the girl's hair was quite more than soft and lustrous, which made her just like a divine goddess when the slight dim dyed her hair golden in a moment. He was completely lost.
     However, having no idea how to be close to her or even strike up a conversation with her, he was extremely frustrated and restless with anxiety. Suddenly, he remembered that  he had taken a notebook in his pocket, so without another hesitation he noted something on it, soulfully and heartly. 
       After finished it, he put the notebook into a hole of the oak tree and left. The second day, he did this as the last day. The third day, follow suit.
     And the time flies. Actually, the girl, who named Beauty.Cloud, had already perceived the young man's following, but she did not lay bare that. What she hoped for was the young man's brave face-to-face words. She was waiting for his movement. But there was noting, even till the 99th day she found that the young man did not come to hide there.
     Puzzled and doubtful as she, she still decided to see what happened. Had he quit?
       Thanks God, when she found a notebook in the oak tree hole, she told herself that, which seemed that she in a moment felt a sense of relief.
       Lookes like what the notebook recorded was the young man's diary. As she read it page by page, her face became red, then deep red, then her. happy tears burst out. Next moment, she rushed to young man's house.
       Remy had waited that moment for so long.
      " Welcome to Remy Hair Weave, you will be my first guest as well as the last, or the only."he said.
       Beauty.Cloud was so shy at then that she almost could say nothing and just nodded heavily.
       "We have the best skills about hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions. Also, the wholesale hair extension is available. We will make your hair as beautiful as virgin hair.Now, come."
     Beauty quitely listened to his role playing and did what he asked.
      Remy begun to touch her hair and continued," now,what I serve for you is one of the best hair style. I will weave your hair two braids and two pigtails and then, mix them up and bind up to hairdo.finally,wind it several ring on your head. finished."
      "What a perfect hair extension you bring me."
       "Yeah, that's exactly what I wholly designed for you.I call it virgin hair. "
      "Thank you. I saw your diary. I love you too."
       "I have waited this words so long and so hard."
       "so have I."

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