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Egypt: Why It Is Called Land Of The Lost... Tourists?

When the north eastern part of the Africa country is visited there are sites that tourists flock all round the year. With tones of places to visit you are never going to feel that the duration is long because it has so much to offer. Whenever you are traveling you are bound to come across fellow tourists who shall claim that it is their sixteenth visit and may be more. This is because everyone keeps returning in the hope of finding something new. Most are enquiring about new tombs or sites that have been newly discovered. Here in the country, you shall find new sites that can be enjoyed as well as visited. Places are amazing with beautiful monuments and sightseeing scenarios that are exciting. However it is called the land of lost tourist and here is why.


The pyramids

As per the Egypt Tourist Information largest footfall has been found in one of the seven wonders. This wonder is nothing but the ancient pyramids. The Giza pyramids are the remarkable landmarks recognizable in the world. They were built as mighty tombs of the gallant pharaohs and remain guarded y enigmatic Sphinx. Tourists are lost in the beauty of this magnificent destination because it is dazzling with tombs and temples. There are plenty of historical treasures. On the vast desert tracts you shall come across this enigmatic excellence and be awed by it. Right from travelers to archeologists, everyone is enamored with the beauty it has to offer. This place leaves people to scratch their heads as to how they were built centuries ago. In the current times these are megalithic memorials for the dead kings offering a wondrous sight. They top to be one of the undeniable highlights.



While scouting through the Egypt Tourist Information you shall find that the most tranquil town known as Aswan is a must-visit place for tourists. This place set upon Nile’s winding curved and you shall be lost to the beauty it has to offer. There are dunes, orange hued, that back the place, and is indeed one of the perfect stops for unwinding and soaking up atmosphere that is quite chilled. Travelers love to be on the ferry across island of Elephantine and stroll on colorful streets of Nubian villages. The camel can be ridden to witness the monastery in the desert. You can also choose to drink endless cups filled with tea on the riverboat restaurants.


White desert

The natural wonder which is the kookiest is known as the white desert and tourists get pleasantly surprised by the chalk mountains that are surreally shaped. It resembles a snowy wonderland within an arid sand area. Landscapes here bear resemblance to places that can be found in science fiction movies. The pinnacles are iceberg-like along with white boulders. For adventurers and desert fans this can be a weird ultimate playground. Make most of the natural scenery that is spectacular.


Something for each one out there

Apart from being home to the pharaohs the country has so much to offer. For everyone there is a little something that exists for their visual treats. Right from the famed river of Nile with superb opportunities of scuba diving to desert tracts, the travel appetite is filled. The country is indeed a perfect one for a wide activity mix combining relaxation, adventure and culture.


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Janny Morag is a Travel Guider & a former writer. I love to travel & especially I love to visit Egypt.

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