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For a big guy it is very difficult to find fashionable clothes that are large and in charge, whether he is vertically or horizontal big. But it doesn’t mean that you are built like a brick house so you have to sacrifice your style. Thanks to our designers who have made your current trend classy and smashing which will make you look and feel great.

Before proceeding further there are few fashion tips which I want to discuss with you.

The Priorities – What Should a Big Man Expect from the Way He Dresses?

We also talk about the particulars regarding style and outfit types later. But when you are out for buying clothes there are certain things which you have to keep in mind.


The fitting of your clothes is the first thing you should think about if you are a large man. Might be you don’t know but wearing bulgy, loose, sagging and wrinkled clothing will make you look sloppy. And you are a large guy so the effects of disproportioned clothing only make you look poorly dressed.

A lot of guys return with great response “Yeah, if I wear my clothes fitted it is going to enhance my personality even more.”

But this is not the truth.

Your clothes should be fitted, not so tight. The simplest solution is

Just take a shirt which you like the most that is not too big for you. Get a picture. And take it to tailor and get another picture. Now look the difference. You will definitely be shocked.


You know that you are big and fatty so it a good idea to avoid all those bold prints and ill-mannered shirt prints. Because wearing bold prints will make you look more a part from other and focus on your waistline more. You have to minimize the attention around your big round tummy and flashy dressing.

For example: wearing a simple dark colored dress shirt with a perfect ironed pair of beige, brown or white chinos or you can go for denim jeans which add a certain degree of elegance to your style as opposed to wearing an overly bright colors with a ton of patterns on it.


Heavy or thick clothing materials emphasize more on the size and bulk. And wearing heavy clothes will actually make you sweat a lot because they fail to exhale the heat. So it is advisable to wear light materials, light jeans and simple cotton shirts.

So, you get a perfect idea what to look while buying clothes. Now we check out the styles and trends for the big men’s which they are considered the most.

“Five Fashion Tips for Larger Men”

You are heavy and big, so obviously you want to look good, without spending too much on your wardrobe. Hence there are five amazing tips whom you should consider while dressing.

Although they are simple and easy to handle, if you put them together, they will definitely show immense effect on your look.

Minus the Belt and Switch to Suspenders

 If you are having a big round stomach, then belts would not be the perfect solution because of the shape of your tummy. The circular band of the stomach tapers would only make the belt slip.

Instead of using belts, it’s better to opt suspenders which eliminate the issue permanently and allow stop the trousers form falling like a drape rather than the clustering at the top.

Purchase Dress Shirts with Spread Collars

If you are having a broad face, then your first priority to choose a shirt of broad collar. Many brands offer 90 divisions between collar points as a ‘collar spread.’ Design of collar varies from brand to brand, its good if you find the one which suits you. The pro of wearing spread collars because it adds more proportion to tour face. It is recommended that big guys always tie a big knot of tie because if a big guy is wearing tiny knots he must look like a bit odd.

Switch to Wearing Hats

A hat can be worn with any outfit. Wearing bright color of hat will give classier and good look to your personality.  You actually got a perfect look which you can display with the help of hat.

Try Some Bling On

Large accessories definitely suit a big man. Instead of clipping a small ballpoint pen to your pocket, get a heavier fountain pen. If you are fond of watches, then wear large dial watches. Big accessories add more power to your presence.

 Don’t Tuck Your Shirt In

For bigger men it is advisable not to tuck their shirt in. tucking shirt will focus more on your waistline, and untucked shirts wont accentuate the waistline. Try to get tailored shirts of your sizes and mass. If you are pairing it with chinos or jeans, then keep your shirt out with sleeves slightly over the wrists.

In last I want to say that fashion tips for a big man is not much that different than a normal sized gut. All is matter is your personality and your taste in clothing and the acceptance of your body.

So, big man gets ready to use these amazing fashion tips.

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