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IPad Mini 5 - Apple’s New IPad To Be Released Soon

iPad mini 5

Rumors have it that the new Apple iPad mini 5 - 2016 will soon be released. Like all Apple's releases growing interest from the media and Apple enthusiasts already are in anticipation and talking about what this new version will include as innovation. When the iPad mini 4 was released last year, it included fantastic new feature. It is most likely that Apple will not be launching the new mini on the 21st of March together with the iPhone SE and iPad Air 3 having just released in September of last year the iPad mini 4. the most likely release period for the new version of the mini would probably be towards the end of the year either in September or October.


According to rumors, there might be a design change with the iPad mini 5.  If speculations are to be believed, this new iPad mini 5 will be thinner than its predecessor with only 5 mm of width compared the previous 6.1 mm. It will also include the same chassis as that of the iPhone 6s, the 7000 aluminum series making it a lot more durable helping to prevent it from bending because of its thinness.

iPad mini 5
iPad mini 5


Being thinner it will certainly have a smaller battery that means a lower capacity than that of the mini 4 of 5,124 mAh, but because of superior battery technology demonstrated with the recent release of the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, it is likely going to equal the performance of its predecessor. There seem to be no indication that Apple will upgrade the performance of the camera so fans should be expecting the same 8 MP camera in the back and 1.2 MP at the front to that of the mini 4.

Improvement could be seen with the processor of the iPad mini 5, from A8 to A9 which means better graphic and increased speed. There might also be better screen display resolution. Nothing confirms that Apple will increase the Gigabytes of iPad minis from 16 GB to 32, 64 or even 128 which certainly will be much welcomed. With regards to the operating system, it is likely to be loaded with iOS 10 system.

Reports have it that the new iPad mini 5 will include 2nd generation retina display. It most likely will be according to rumors 7.9 inch, 2,048 x 1,536 display with an A6X chip.

Other Features

Many petitions have already been signed with the rumors that Apple is going to exclude the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. Still such move by Apple would open intense competition in the industry since Apple has a considerable market share. Removing the headphone is expected also for the iPad mini 5. Its thinner size means that the design will be better streamlined. This also means that fans will have to rely headphones will have wireless technology with Li-Fi models starting to become more prevalent in the market.

Similar experience could be offered for charging the battery to that of Apple’s pencils. Apple has yet to introduce a secure touch ID for payment online with its mini version. Until now it is not possible to buy something online since the iPad mini does not have an NFC camera, but rumors have it that the introduction on the iPad mini 5 as an e-reader might happen. Users may eventually be able to use their mini iPad to pay underground journeys or in shops.

Apple could well introduce for the first time the 3D pressure sensitive touch technology famous in the iPhone 6 and 6S to its new mini version

Another feature that is rumored will distinguish the mini 5 from its predecessor is waterproofing.  Already Apples product notably the iPhones and the Apple watch are quite resistant to water immersion. That is most likely also going to be the case with the iPad mini 5. It is also going to be dust proof.

iPad mini 5
iPad mini 5

Obviously, similar to the iPad mini 4, the new version will have most of the features of its predecessor that includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but since expectation is that Apple is going to ditch the headphone, there is likely going to be an upgrade to Li-Fi technology which provide faster and more secure connection than Wi-Fi. Fans should expect to have additional apps in the mini 5, but there are still doubts whether the new iPad mini 5 apart from a few updates will have a dramatic change to its predecessor.

Upon its release last September, the iPad mini 4 had caught fans by surprise and was considered as being a radical improvement to the previous versions. The fact that Apple such an improvement had been made leave small room for improvement with the new version. The original mini was quite good when it was initially introduced therefore it is more than logical for fans of Apple’s products to be expecting something special with the coming release.

The fact that many merchants are reducing the price on the mini 4 signify that they are seeking to reduce their stock as much as possible before the release of the new mini 5 in September. The mini is among Apples most preferred portable computers. It is well possible that Apple both the Air 3 and the mini 5 will be introduced with thinner framework than their predecessors with only 5 mm. This means that they will certainly have smaller size battery. Whether the new battery technology will be used to increase its capacity remains to be seen. If Apple reduces battery size without improving the technology, then the battery capacity could well be reduced probably to 124 mAh.

iPad mini 5
iPad mini 5

Reports have it that Apple will introduce modifications in layout. The previous model is quite sleek and many would like Apple to keep the same design features as those on the mini a. When the mini 4 was released, it was a significant upgrade from its predecessor which is the reason why many think that the new mini 5 will have certain features changed but not significantly and will still retain many of the attributes of the mini 4. Currently the mini 4 include a chip A8 and has upgraded camera containing 8 million pixels, 2GB of RAM and can undertake functions of the sub screen operation. It has also currently jointed the barometer. The mini 4 is unique and incorporate changes that had been made in the iPad Pro. Nevertheless, the mini 5 will inevitably be a much better variation of than its predecessor. iPad products are most popular today because of their better display quality. It makes watching video, surfing and reading quite delightful and an all new experience.

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