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Even after cleaning water at the water treatment plant, water is not free of its hardness. The hard water damages the whole network of water supply and a caravan water system and water filter is installed in the caravan or RV.

The hard water shop is one of the leading service providers of water treatment when you are on the move. Water, come to think of it, is never pure. You keep wondering where the water come from. It may be supplied to your house through an underground channel or come from the authorities responsible for treating water.

Why is there need to treat water?

Water is never pure. It contains impurities which are not visible to our naked eyes. It contains germs and bacteria which are not only harmful to us but also affects our standard of living. The quality of life is affected when pure and healthy water is not taken. We may get a disease which may even kill us. So the local authority makes sure water at your home is bacteria free.

Water is first cleaned and filtered at the local station where it is injected with some chemicals and disinfectants which make water clean and remove bacteria. The authority makes sure, water at your doorstep is reached in a condition where it bacteria free and clean and a little bit pure. But still they do not guarantee for its hardness. 

So water authority is not responsible for the hardness of the water. Hard water may affect pipes and even that is unfit for drinking. Water filter only filters the bacteria and viruses but it cannot completely remove the hardness. The water which is rich in mineral will be hard and it will surely damage your pipes and taps. And if that water system is equipped in your caravan, then this might be a problem.
Caravan water system:

Caravan or a motor home is one thing that you buy by putting together all your savings. So installing a correct water treatment and water filter is really very important. If you don't install a correct water filter or water treatment system, then you are going to have to face the problem of hard water. Hard water makes your plumbing pipes to corrode and all your fittings get blocked up. The appliance that you equip like cold or hot water system will fail and cost you a fortune. With your caravan, you will obviously travel around the country and find that quality of water is not same everywhere. There may be a place where you will find low mineral content in water while in some places it may be high enough to damage your pipes. 

Installing a caravan water system ensures that you are taking appropriate action for the hard water problem. You get water which is fit not only for drinking but also cooking, bathing and washing. The 0.2 carbons and silver which is impregnated in the water filters it and removes bacteria and virus. A caravan water system and water filter can be custom designed according to the need of a customer. 


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