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Cross Laminated Timber Market Global Trends, Analysis And Forecast 2018 - 2028

Cross laminated timber are the composite wood panel made up of different layers of solid-sawn lumber boards stacked together with the help of glue or adhesive. Each layer of the panel is oriented perpendicular to the adjacent layer. Usually these layers are glued together in odd numbers and in a symmetric way in order to create outer layers with same orientation. Timber is an anisotropic material which means the mechanical properties changes are totally dependent on the direction of force application, layers aligned in perpendicular direction provide better rigidity and physical properties. These cross laminated timber are getting quite popular in now a days owing to their ecofriendly properties and cost effective nature. These cross laminated timber can be prepared by consuming spruce, pine, larch, fir and also wood wastes which makes it cost effective and environment friendly. The fields for the adoption of cross laminated timber are many and diverse. They are used as stiffening & non loadbearing wall, structural, roofs and ceilings element and can also be mixed with other building & construction material for desirable properties. Cross laminated timber is primarily used as a substitute of other building products such as concrete, ceramic tiles & bricks. In numerous construction projects such as construction of detached house, multi-story residential building, public buildings to name a few, cross laminated timber is used as substitute of steel in beams. One of the main attribute increasing the adoption of cross laminated timber is its design flexibility, the length and thickness of the cross laminated timber panel can be increased by joining them together and can be designed according to the end user needs. The main end user and customers of cross laminated timber are architects, builders, designers to name a few.

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Cross Laminated Timber Market: Drivers and Restraints

In the last few years there is substantial changes in construction practices which include the shift from concrete to wood as a building product supported by the government initiatives such as strict emission norms and standards regarding CO2 emission. Owing to the numerous factors such as enhanced quality, waste reduction, cost efficiency and environment friendly nature enables the significant growth to cross laminated timber market. In the market place there are numerous innovation in the technology and development in production process which enables the increased efficacy of products further fuels the cross laminated timber market. Other factors such as prefabrication of the walls and floors can be done before reaching the field location, which helps in decreases the down time which further reduces the overall construction cost. Despite of numerous positive attributes which open up the opportunities for cross laminated timber in the near future, there are still some factors that can restrain the growth of the cross laminated timber market such as, poor acoustic performance and solvents or adhesive used for the gluing purpose is toxic in nature. Also some of the cross laminated timber are not suitable for outdoor application as it may get degraded in humidity.

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Cross Laminated Timber Market: Segmentation

On the basis of Type, the Cross Laminated Timber Market can be segmented as:

  • Adhesive-bonded CLT
  • Mechanically Fastened CLT

On the basis of Application, the Cross Laminated Timber Market can be segmented as:

  • Residential
  • Non Residential
    • Commercial (Offices, Shopping complex, Hotels)
    • Institutional
    • Industrial

Cross Laminated Timber Market: Region Wise Trends

North America will witness a significant demand for cross laminated timber owning to rising demand from residential builders and educational institutes. Europe is one of the prominent region showing significant growth in the adoption of cross laminated timber as the countries is well equipped with the innovative timer processing techniques and also have abundance of supply from the timber forest. MEA region also anticipated to witness a significant growth due to expanding construction industry and consumer demand for lavish and luxury apartments. Growing industrialization in Japan and Latin America region fuels the market in respective regions. In APAC, emerging economies such as India and China possess a significant growth in residential segment owning to high population.

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