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Slip Form Technique Is Extending The Reach Of Constructions

Over the past few decades the height of buildings has been rising bit by bit. The significance of tall constructions is not limited to just extending the reach towards the sky. These high structures are also a signpost of the consistent development occurring all over the world. Traditional construction methodologies used to construct tall buildings have been replaced by advent of glidformsgjutning. Slip form is a technique in which concrete is poured into a continuously moving form. It is an efficiently fast method of constructing tall structures. Slip form work is classified into three platforms as per the purpose they serve.


Upper Platform:

The top-most platform of the framework serves as a storage and distribution area. The material and tools required for glidform work are stored on this platform. It is very important to maintain a consistent supply of resources while building a structure at all times.


Middle Platform:

The middle platform of the framework is the main work junction. It is on this platform where workers do the work that heightens the construction. It also provides safety to the workers with its guard rails and wind shields.


Lower Platform:

Lower platform serves the purpose of providing access for concrete finishing. It allows the worker to regulate the strength of the concrete in order to achieve necessary stability during construction.


The concept of betongläggare formsättning is raising the construction height with the help of hydraulic equipment. The construction rate depends on the rate of concrete hardening. The skeleton is built from steel panels fixed to a covering comprised of steel frames, fixing devices required as per the type of framework and trusses. Steel frames are called as ‘yokes’. They stabilize the glidform and the covering provides a strong base for placement of concrete and reinforcement purpose.


The whole system is based upon the efficiency of hydraulics implemented. High capacity hydraulic jacks are placed on top of each frame. There is a jack that is comprised of cylinder and a pair of upper-lower clamp mechanism. This mechanism grips the jacking rod which is passed through the jack and is then casted into walls as the construction rises. The machinery works on a spring action concept. The jack lifts the frame up by working against the lower clamp. As the pressure is released, the upper clamp grips the jacking rod and due to the spring action, lower clamp gets pulled up.


For building tall bridges, towers, buildings,chimneys, water storage tanks and dams, slip form is the most preferred method because of its merits. Multiple construction companies in the world implement slip form technique. Bygging-Uddemann is a trusted name among them who help their clients reach new heights of construction.

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