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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Anticipate The Future

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

There are manufacturers who have sought to anticipate future with daring concepts. However, Samsung has unveiled a Galaxy S7 Edge that the eyes of the consumer are a terminal like last year, at least on the outside and in its general idea but hiding advances in important fields such as a display, battery or camera.

Talking about a high-end Samsung in its Galaxy series cannot mean anything at this point except the latest components. The Galaxy S7 Edge meets the maximum and leaves us a data sheet where, if there was any possibility of technical improvements paragraph, has done.

The Galaxy S7 Edge has emphasized especially in some sections such as the battery, with a fairly high capacity, rising diagonal screen and a camera that with surprisingly low resolution in order to improve where almost everyone fails: photos in low light.



The Galaxy S7 Edge has increased thickness and weight to accommodate much more battery capacity including the Edge + 5.7 inches. It doesn’t seem as light as the Galaxy S6 Edge, which at times seemed hollow. Despite this increase in thickness to 7.7 mm (S6 Edge + 5.7 inch was 6.9 only) and weight to 157 grams (153 + S6 Edge but with 6s Plus 192 grams), it continues to maintain the status of being one of the most comfortable Smartphones of this diagonal in hand on the market, with very good proportions between diagonal and overall size.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge doesn’t transmit at any time the idea of being a large terminal. It is very nice in hand thanks to its narrow width, and the grip is quite safe despite the use of glass in the rear. Do not fear that it will slide from the hands to the first exchange because it will not happen. The metal frame is made of very good quality and is now thicker (about 1 mm) but that tiny difference makes it an important aid to grip, without being at all incisive in touch.

The use of glass in the back always brings out the questions about dirt and fingerprints left. We cannot say that it is always spotless but even in models like the gold one, fingerprints and dirt are feeling very well controlled, and conveys no unpleasant sensations.


The biggest news of the Galaxy S7 Edge level design is double reality: water resistance and microSD slot. After trying the Galaxy S5 and drop it on the way to the glass and metal, the Galaxy S7 Edge gets a profile IP68 to become an all high-end body of one piece of glass and metal, which can also be immersed in the water.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

What matters most to the consumer level is that you can be careless with your phone and use it in environments where you wouldn’t dare to put such an expensive phone (kitchen, shower, beach, pool ) or wash it if needed. High-end resistant is a big plus for many users.

The other key aspect in the design of this Galaxy S7 Edge is the microSD card slot. Samsung has returned a nod to its users as long as a differentiating element of the new Galaxy. The base model has 32 GB which is free to the user about 23 to 24. And that amount, with photos, games, applications and videos 4K, may end up letting us out of space in less time than you would think. Leaving the possibility that the user which expands at a very low cost is something to thank Samsung and against which few can disagree when there is no sacrifice in the terminal: only is enabled tray the nanoSIM card with space for microSD.


If last year the classic Galaxy S6 and Edge shared diagonal 5.1 inches, the new Galaxy S7 Edge has passed to the 5.5 inches to differentiate and be the Samsung phablet reference in the high-end consumer. Whoever wants to go to that diagonal doesn’t have more options with Samsung.

The panel Galaxy S7 Edge remains one of SuperAMOLED type highest level, with resolution QuadHD giving it a pixel density of 534 ppi, so sharpness is absolutely fantastic for both reading information to playback video or images. The double curve of the screen on the edges gives continuity to the side frames, which together with the complete contrast (go black) of AMOLED panels, high brightness, and intense color, make screen Galaxy S7 Edge one spectacle for the eyes.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Outdoor, Super AMOLED screen performs well even in direct sunlight and reflections are similar to what you get in an IPS panel. However, with very intense light, the double curve of the edges can become a nuisance for offering a second direction reflections cannot adjust while the main screen.


The developments come from the brightness. S7 Galaxy panel Edge offers a higher maximum brightness than the S6 Edge, and also improves the automatic brightness in several respects. When we keep it at maximum, this is the same level as the manual. But also, it responds appropriately and rapidly in lighting changes shape. It is able to remember our preferences if the automatic brightness modifies it with a certain level of ambient light.


The Galaxy S series has always been the reference in raw power within the Android market and gradually TouchWiz has left those raw numbers also go beyond the day.

The Galaxy S7 Edge Exynos processor integrates the new generation this year. The Exynos 8890 is a chip with 4 cores working Octacore maximum at 2.3 GHz and 1.6 GHz four. The GPU is the new Mali T880 and everything is spiced by 4 GB of RAM DDR4 type. This combination leaves us at the level of benchmarks the highest figures in the market today, and it will probably stay there for a long time, at least until we see in the market the first Smartphones that are committed Snapdragon 820.


In addition to fingerprints, is very fast and useful sensor, Samsung maintains in the back, just below the dual LED flash, heart rate sensor that is easy to pass unnoticed. The utility on a Smartphone is rather low. The sensor itself must not take longer than about 45 seconds to give us results, and it can be a good record of our health and exercise with S Health. This application is one of the best examples of work well done by Samsung, both in design and functionality.


Along with the 5.5-inch screen in a waterproof design while still being attractive and microSD card slot, the great argument purchase in the new Galaxy S7 Edge is the camera. Samsung’s decision not to go to more megapixels but even give up a few million is brave and a declaration of intent on how mobile photography and large gaps today.

Samsung unveils Galaxy S7 Edge in this 12-megapixel sensor, 4 less than we had in the Galaxy S6 Edge. It is far behind Sony and on par with Apple’s choice for iPhone stays. What has not reduced is the size of the sensor, which is up to the 1 / 2.5 inches. That combination is the key to understanding why Samsung has decided to act in this way.

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