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Dell 14 3000 – Quite Sturdy And Powerful

Dell 14 3000

Dell 14 3000 is a fantastic laptop for people seeking a device at a very good price that will perform most of the tasks. This laptop is small but quite powerful. A 14-inch screen and an interesting choice in the system. The device is built quite sturdy measuring 13.58 x 9.57 x 0.84 and a total weight of 1.7 kilo. It is light enough to be comfortably carried to the office or other places and on average lighter than many devices of the same category. The Dell 14 3000 is an entry-level laptop therefore one should not expect high tech hardware the type found in very sophisticated ultra-modern laptops but it can easily be upgraded if seeking to increase its power and storage capacity.



With regards to the design, it looks more stylish and simple than its predecessors. The body is less robust making portability a lot easier if it is to be taken to work or at school. Overall it is a nice design. It seems though that unlike the previous versions of Dell laptop, for the series 14 3000, Dell was much more concerned with portability somewhat neglecting a few other aspects. The standard color is black like the majority of laptop but dell often does not provide many different choices in color.

Dell 14 3000

Dell 14 3000


Dell 14 3000 comes with 1366 x 768 resolutione display which is a bit low but it is supported by an integrated Intel HD graphic. By itself, the 14” screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio which at occasions may have colors seemingly a bit fade and the brightness dim. It produces about 68.5% of the sRGB color spectrum and a brightness of 188 nits while the average for a very good laptop is 243 nits. The display therefore seems a bit reflective and has a limited viewing angle which is not great for using the laptop outdoors or in direct sun light. It is possible by means of the HDMI port to output videos and other trailers to an external display. With only the integrated graphic, it is unable to play advanced games that are more demanding.

Dell 14 3000

Dell 14 3000



The Dell 14 3000 can easily perform multitasking. It consists of an Intel Pentium N3700 processor with 4GB of RAM, and a hard drive of 500GB. Expect a speed of about 27.9 Mbps for downloads which is average for similar products It comes with windows 8 operating system but can support upgrade for the latest version which is window 10. The performance when considering the price of the device can be considered as average, but it is better than many devices of the same category in the market. It can also be easily upgraded for speed and storage.


This Dell 14 3000 has a detachable battery which is among few in this category. It can last for about 6 hours which actually is good enough for doing certain tasks on the go for instance in a cafe.

Dell 14 3000

Dell 14 3000



Two USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, a security slot and a media card reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC) are incorporated which are all the basics that you can find in a standard laptop. Included is a DVD player/recorder which is a great addition that you can obtain at a budget price. It also includes a UB 3.0 port which provide higher speed data transfer. Connection to the internet is obtained via Wi-Fi 802.11/b/g/n offering wireless connection but a telephone cable extension can also be used instead of Wi-Fi. Dell incorporated a 0.9 megapixels’ camera which can be used to take selfies or talk on social medias.

Other Features

The keypad has been kept quite simple. It is responsive enough but the design is a bit awkward. When typing, the keys make a bit of a loud sound but that is not a big concern. The electrostatic touch pad could use a bit more sensitivity. The speaker and the webcam are of good quality. Do not expect obviously a professional audio that will enhance songs and rhythm.

What’s great about the Dell 14 3000 is that Dell has chosen to include only the most essential utility apps. Some apps included are Dropbox, cloud, and Microsoft office. For the office app, it is not free and one may have to purchase a product key before using it, so if you have your own office suit, uninstalling the pre-installed apps may be a good idea to save storage space. The Power Manager Lite provide an advance setting for charging and helps to prolong the battery’s life. Information about the performance of the laptop in provided in a Support Assist System scan. Purchased brand new it includes a one-year limited warranty.


Pros & Cons

For an entry level laptop and at a budget price Dell has manufactured a very good device in comparison to many others of the same category. It can perform the essential tasks that are undertaken on a daily basis and would only seem inefficient if you are really into computer and perform complicated graphic designs or seek to watch the latest of trailers. Nevertheless, this device on the good side will include a battery that last for a good duration, the keyboard is not all that fancy but does provide very good feedback. It is portable and light, not big and will fit very well into any laptop bag. The overall performance is good. It is not very fast but average in download and in loading websites.

The downside of the Dell 14 3000 is the fact that the display is not average, but for a budget price it’s still is good enough. It is also a bit dim and would be difficult viewing in direct sun light or outside. Dell could have placed a little bit more effort on the design and made the keyboard silent when typing. It’s not a big issue but it was worth mentioning. Websites are loaded as normal but when you have more than eight its seems a bit slow and sometimes freezes.

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