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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - The Most Powerful And Beautiful Version

With its Galaxy Note 5, Samsung has placed in the market the most powerful and beautiful version. When it comes to design, it is slimmer and sleek certainly one of the best designs compared with the different Samsung products. A large screen luster, 5.7 inch Quad HP Super Amoled with 518 ppi, and 2,560 x 1,440 screen resolution. It is also more rigid made with extra tough 7000 series aluminum and gorilla glass 4 making it sturdier. At 153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm, the Galaxy Note 5 is just a bit larger than the Samsung 5.1 flagship yet it is smaller than the Galaxy Note 4. The choice of color is also amazing either Gold platinum, White pearl, or sapphire black. It has a long battery life yet Samsung has taken away the possibility of removing the battery and there is no external storage.


S Pen

One fantastic addition it has its own click in place inside the Galaxy Note 5 shut where it can be inserted and upon command when the S pen is removed from its holster, the improved air command is activated instantly showing on the screen for you to take action. The S pen itself has quite an accurate tip which keeps you in control of your writing and drawing. The single button recesses a bit from the surface to tone down any missed presses. The S pen dimension is 4.4 by 0.2 by 0.1 inches. It must be noted that the S pen is inserted into the holder pocket with the pointy end first. It will not fit other wise and could get stuck deep inside the phone. The S pen can be used as a writing instrument, a pointer or a navigational accomplice. By hovering the pen over a feature, you can active them such as the dialogue box menu, photo, video etc. drag and drop, touch sensitive buttons and more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5



Galaxy Note 5 is equipped with a rear camera Smart with an optical image stabilization (OIS/VDIS) that helps to keep shaking hands blur shots and an Auto real-time HDR that lets you record 4K/UHD sharp footage and take photos that are crisp and clear. For selfies, a front camera that provide 120-degree selfie angle and also includes auto real-time HDR. It has 5MP/F1.9 VDIS. The camera has a 4K video resolution, double press button for activating and a live YouTube streaming feature is a brand new addition.  The megapixel count has actually not changed compared with the previous version. It is similar to the Galaxy 6 and 6S. It almost is great because with a bigger aperture, more light get its and with that better pictures. With the camera app has been introduce some new editing and shooting modes.

New to the camera is also Tap to focus and Slide to brighten or darken scenes. Professional photographers also have a lot more control for processing. It’s possible to take pictures in Pro mode with the option of saving them in raw file like for instance JPEG. If you are seeking for more, Samsung offers the possibility to download many more camera apps.


Other Features

  • Great memory – With 4 GB of RAM it’s possible to have two apps simultaneously open at the same time
  • Wireless charging – This is one feature that is starting to become a trend and will quickly be adapted by other competitors. With wireless charging it takes only 120 minutes for full charge, it is also convenient on the go, for instance in a restaurant or other places. Incorporated are two wireless charging standards (PMA and WPC) and also two stages of power saving modes one of which, the austere power saving mode literally turns your phone into a dumb phone keeping it live only for emergencies. The wireless charges come as an accessory that is bought separate and can be taken anywhere. But the Galaxy Note 5 can also be charged with a wire in even less time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5



Regardless that the new Note 5 has the same chip as the Samsung 6 and 6S tests have shown that they have better performance and are a lot faster. The battery is embedded and lower than that of the 4 Note from 3,200 mAh to 3,000 mAh yet the battery can last for 15 hours compared to that of the 4 Note only 12.9 hrs. on average.


  • Exynos 7 octa-core processor – This is similar with that of the 6S. It includes a 2.1 GHz quad core chip and another 1.5 GHz adapted for lower power tasks. A 4GB RAM compared to 3GB for the Note 4. fans have a choice between a 32GB or a 64GB version and will greatly depend on whether seeking greater cloud capacity.
  • Data speed and quality –   One of the flaws of previous Samsung versions is weak volume. To correct that Samsung has added an on-screen volume control which enhance sounds.  With regards to data, the speed of the Note 5 matches many other phones of the same standard and quality. The average download speed is of 72 Mbps and the upload 20-30 Mbps which is not bad.
  • Accessories –  Included with the Samsung Note 5 are various add-ons apps such as a faster wireless charging puck, snaps and Qwerty keyboard experience in the front of the screen, a variety of cover design, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5




The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a great device that competes nicely with the iPhones. It has a flashy design and added strength of the stylus capabilities. However, the fact that the battery is non-removable and a lower storage means that Samsung has provided competitors the possibility of expanding storage and offering removable battery. Overall for the Samsung product, the Note 5 seems only slightly better than its predecessor the Samsung Note 4. One thing to take into account is that Samsung has now in the market too many phones that provide almost the same thing, the 5-inch S6, the S6 Edge, the 5.7-inch Galaxy Edge and the Galaxy Note 5 which is likely to confuse consumer. The distinguishing feature is probably mostly about the stylus. The Note 5 also has a lower price than the 6S Edge which will likely make a difference of choice for the consumer beside the fact that it has a nice sleek and exotic form. In comparison the Note 5 is similar with the Edge except for the dual-curved display and the stylus which has great writing capabilities. Compared with the Samsung Note 4, it is an upgrade with regards to the camera and stylus.

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