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Health Issues For College Students

The life of college students is full of fun and enjoyment but on the other side, college gives a hard time for all students. College students have surrounded by lots of assignments, projects, quizzes, and lectures. Due to the tough academic life, many students face different health-related issues during their making a difficult Assignment Help with another college friend.

Students work under pressure in college life as well as they adopt poor health choices which are also affected by student’s health in the future. Poor health choices include drinking alcohol, late night parties, and poor food choices. Other issues include less focus on work, serious health issues arise, lack of concentration, and affected the physical health of the college students.

The major issues that arise among the college students are mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and various addictions of different drugs.

Anxiety in College Students

For many students college life is the combination of hopes and dreams. But study under pressure and take stress over every new assignment and test lead to anxiety among college students. In some cases, students are unwilling to discuss the pressure because they see other students slithering by with no trouble, at least, that’s what they think. They grab anxiety when they see their friends are score high grades and they aren’t, then student causes anxiety.

Anxiety is very dangerous for both physical and mental health. In America, the Anxiety and Depression Association stated that more than 62% of college students face different mental health issues from which anxiety is the main issue. Due to the anxiety, many college students withdrew or quit their academic life.  

The Popularity of ‘Study Drugs’

According to the drug physicians and experts, ADHD disease is increasingly found among the college students. Students use study drugs known as Adderall in order to keep awake late in the night to complete their college assignment, projects, and preparation for exams. These drugs released dopamine from the brain that helps students to stay calm, happy and enjoy their college work.

The misuse of this drug in general and according to the statistic 61% of college students have acquired different drugs including Adderall. 

Being Depressed in College

Depression is the silent killer for all of us including college students. Most of the college students pretended that they are happy, enjoy the freedom and do not have worries but actually, it is not. Many students want the freedom that college offer to them, they are not prepared themselves for their life in which comfort is less. Student being depressed because the college life is not the same as they expected and students need to adjust them according to the reality of campus life.  

The director of university and college said that 36% students have suffered from depression during their college life and from which 10% are committed to it is also a bitter truth that college students are more reactive, do not have patience and behave aggressively. So their depression leads to some dangerous harm such as cutting themselves or drinking too much. It is important that college students control over their emotional feelings and feel that it just a temporary after sometime situation get normal. In many colleges, they provide free counseling service to all students who are suffering mentally, physically, personally and emotionally.

Common Illnesses

When students sharing their room or other things with their mates while living college hostile it leads to increase the risk of getting sick. Mostly young college boys take and use other student’s thing without getting permission. Using the same towel, comb, glass and another thing when your friend feeling sick then it causes common illness among peers. Common illness includes allergies, vomiting, infection, mono, and MRSA.

Difficulty Sleeping

College students also struggle with the sleeping issue which ultimately affects their health. Many college students report this problem that they face problem while sleeping. The National College Health Association found that there were 25% of college students who have sleep difficulties, and half of all students reported having trouble feeling of sleep during daytime. If the student does not get proper sleep than which cause tiredness and fatigue. It can put the negative effect on the physical health of the student, less concentration, unable to understand the point easily.

Acute Illnesses

Acute illness includes illness, such as a headache which is very common is college life. Some student face stomach issues due to pressure and stress they take. Stomach problem increases because mostly student eats from the canteen and other unhygienic places. Due to traveling too much from home to college they are affected by the air pollution and face breathing issue.  More risk leads toward the head injuries.  Diarrhea is very common among college students.

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