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Mumbai has an extensive transportation network that allows you to explore the city with ease and worry. Mumbaikars relies on local transport to get to work, mostly away from the city centre.

Taxi is an integral part of any Mumbai card life. Visitors can also use these taxis to move around the city. You will get countless taxis across the city. Traveling by taxi is really cheap. You can enter any common taxi - from Fiat Unos to Tata Indicas.

Other types of taxis are cooling cabs with a distinct blue or silver color and are made up of electronic meters. These taxis have higher fees and are nearly 40% more expensive than regular taxis.

Yellow and black taxis are not equipped with air conditioning systems, but they are commonplace in Mumbai. If you have extra baggage to carry with you, you can rent a top-class transport that has enough space to accommodate three large suitcases.

If you are visiting Mumbai for the first time and do not know the standard rate for regular taxis, you must follow some tips. You can take a prepaid taxi at the train station or airport. Otherwise, you must calculate the rate on the meter. You must be careful that the meter is read from the beginning of your journey.

In addition to taxis, you can use automatic rickshaws to travel in the city and its suburbs. In order to increase the effectiveness of Mumbai traffic, automated rickshaws are the only mode of transportation for operational services, even beyond the western part of Bandera and the central area of ​​Zion. However, they do not operate in the downtown area.

Before the trip begins, make sure the meter display mark drops to 1.00. This number should not be higher at the beginning. The lowest fare is fixed at Rs. 9. The fare is about Rs. 5 per kilometer. Mika can sometimes prove convenient. Automatic rickshaws don't travel long distances.

A good bus service network enhances Mumbai's transportation facilities and services. Among the major bus companies, the Brihanmumbai Power Supply and Transportation Company provides meticulous service to all corners of the city and its communities. These buses also go to the suburbs, including the Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mira-Bhayanadar areas. The seats are mostly vying for time. The uniformed conductor will hand you your ticket. Special seats for ladies, seniors, pregnant women, babies and people with disabilities.

The bus runs from 5am to midnight. The fare is very cheap and you can use this type of transportation during peak hours to avoid the haste of the local train.

Local trains have become more and more important over the years. Most of the locals use a suburban railway network called the locals. The west line, the central trunk line and the port line have added comprehensive transportation facilities. The train is almost an integral part of every Mumbai card's life.

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