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Ensure Reliability And Strength By Performing COBB Test For Corrugated Board

The cellulose fibers can be recycled and are used to make the corrugated board. For manufacturing of corrugated board, two sheets of paper are glued to a corrugated inner medium. The paper layers play a significant role for the better strength of the corrugated board, which is preferred for the packaging industries. The corrugated board is cut and folded into different shape and sizes to be used in corrugated packaging. The corrugated is high-performance materials designed for protecting the products.


The low quality of the corrugated board will also affect the food products. The corrugated board have to experience different environmental and physical conditions and must be tested for those conditions prior to using. The Cobb Test for the corrugated board is preferred to maintain the quality of the products. The corrugated board can be used for different purposes, besides the packaging the products, some of the examples are as follows:

  • The corrugated cardboard boxes are the best storage products and are convenient to use. The items can be added safely to the box and stored for a long time.
  • The corrugated board can be used to craft the scenery or can be used as display boards in a classroom.
  • The scrap cardboard is also used to make the chairs, tables and other home furnishing used for kids or students room.
  • The corrugated board can be used to protect the tender seeding during the day time by shielding or covering.
  • This is the most reliable, affordable, and an excellent natural resource for the packaging industry to supply the goods safely.

A Standard and Fast COBB Test for Corrugated Board

The COBB tester for corrugated board evaluates the water absorption property of corrugated fiberboard and paperboard. The instrument determines the quantity of water absorbed by a paper at a specific time.  The COBB value or water absorptiveness means the mass of water absorbed in a given time by a one square meter of a sample of the corrugated board under standardized condition. The amount of liquid penetration into a cardboard is measured.

During the testing procedure, the cylindrical container is clamped to a flat base with a flexible backing and the sample is placed. A conditioned test sample is then weighed and positioned into a dry cylinder. About 100 cc of water is poured on the test sample. The water is then poured off after a specified time and then the specimen is kept with the wet side up on the standardized and dry blotting paper. The standardized roller is moved two times forwards and backward to remove the excess water by placing another blotting paper on the specimen.


This is the standard and fast method to determine the quantity of water absorbed the corrugated cardboard. The test result is accurate and reliable. The example of low Cobb value is a currency note that absorbs very less water and newspaper are an example of high Cobb value that absorbs water quickly. The testing procedure assures no spilling of the liquid items and allows safety during storage and transit.


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