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 The implant is flexible and can be inserted into the eyes after folding. The process is approved by FDA and therefore can be safely used by any patient looking for eye color change. 

Are you an aspirant for changing eye colors?  Are you dissatisfied with the present shades of colors of your eyes? Do your eye colors need to be altered to address some vision related problems? In either of these cases, there is one solution for you. The solution is iris implant to change the color of your eyes either permanently or temporarily. But the question is how and with what type of implant?
Role of Iris in Eye Color Formation 

It is the iris that determines the eye color of a person whether male or female. That means you have to change your iris color in order to change the color of your eyes permanently. Temporary eye color changes can be made using contact lenses or such other components but permanent eye color change means the color of iris need to be transformed. 

Variation of Iris Colors 

Iris color is not uniform in nature. The color varies in different parts of the world. Somewhere the color is black or blue or brown or hazel green. It you have black eyes and want blue eyes then you have to change color of your eyes and the color of the iris in the eyes. Once again the necessity is changing the iris color. The reason is that iris can control the amount of light that enters the eye and protects it against harmful ultra violet and sun light entering into the eyes. But the strangest part of it is that there are some people who do not have any iris or even when they have iris that are defective. In such cases when you desire to change your iris color it would be iris implant of some sort. In choosing the iris implant one has to be careful so that there is no adverse affects on eye health as result of iris implant. 

Using Artificial Iris 

When someone with defective iris or no iris tries change of eye color the ultimate solution is using artificial iris. Thus if you want to change the color of your eyes artificial iris could help. They are made with materials that are used for manufacturing intraocular lenses. When someone uses items like bright0cular then the use could be one of the safest as they are made of qualitative biocompatible materials. The iris implant is clinically tested and officially approved in United States and totally dependable. The product with ISO 13485 certification is safe and dependable and can be used without any restriction with or without surgical methodologies. Best part of it is that the product is short, safe, and can be installed in a painless manner. 

The process of using brightOcular is ambulatory, safe, short as well as painless. Therefore the transplant is performed using tropical anesthesia and it takes around 15 minutes for each eye of the patient. 

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