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A good drive for those who need CD/DVD burning and Blu-Ray playback,

A nice finish with this drive, top and bottom shell is  covered with aluminium with pads on all corners on the underside to reduce noise and provide grip. This comes with 2 leads one is a micro USB 3.0 (larger in width than the standard micro USB cable) and another USB one which plugs into the drive provide additional power if required. I tested this on a powered USB 3.0 hub and it didn't need the second cable, but if you're connecting to a single USB 2.0 it might (USB 2.0 have low power milliamps than USB 3.0)

Running this through Nero info tool reveals the optical drive is manufactured by TSSTcorp (Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corporation), that's a tier 1 maker and one of the biggest names in drives of this type. It's a fairly up to date drive which has found it's way into quite a few notebooks over the last couple of years. Main speeds of the drive are in line with the price point:

CD read/write: 24x (RW is 10-16x)
DVD read/write: 8x (6x for dual layer/DVD-RW)
Blu-Ray read: 2 x for video and 6x for data

CD and DVD speeds both read and write and in line with recent notebook/external drives, these are not quite as fast as desktop drives but it's usually a no - issue for many users (max speeds are rarely reached until near the end of the disc) 24x CD and 8x DVD is quick enough and far better than the super slow times 10 years plus we had (2 x DVD was near unbearable for burning) With Blu-Ray you shouldn't be alarmed by the 2 x video speed that's the rate at which the disc plays back for movies, much more important is the 6x speed for pulling data off the disc which is respectable.

In use, I had no problems with the drive on my Windows 10 64bit PC it's plug and play nothing to install drivers wise. However you should note that for Blu-Ray playback you will need software and most free players don't support it. One reason I think Blu-ray didn't take off in a big way was partly down to this "closed attitude" by the Blu-ray Disc Association for licensing the software, plenty of free DVD players around not so with Blu-Ray. It's possible to tweak VLC for playback on many discs, other options are Cyberlink/Arcsoft and there are some relatively affordable ones around too. Would have been nice to have even a simple player included in the pack so bear that in mind.

The drive is very quiet in use making it a good choice for movie playback. It's possible to use this on any computer, but the cable is about 45cm long (.bit longer than USB 2.0 drives) so an extender or desktop USB hub might be an option. It's removable and can be replaced if required.

If you need Blu-Ray burning then there are a few models above this which offer that, for many users I feel that playback is likely more important making this one a solid choice.

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