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Get Rid Of Bottle Bursting Problem With Bottle Burst Tester

The manufacturers and exporters of soft drinks or carbonated soda have to take caution during the delivery of the products because it is always a risk of breaking or deforming of packaged goods during transportation or storage. The bottles are placed stacked one above other during the transportation, and there is always a risk of deformation or damaged of the products if bottles are not capable enough of bearing the compression of beverages or soft drinks. The bottles could burst due to over compression and low quality of the pet bottles. The sudden bursting of bottles due to the over compression or pressure could contaminate the food or liquid beverages which are cost effective to the companies.

Most of the industries who believe in quality products always prefer a good testing equipment to check the reliability and strength of the materials. The Bottle Burst Tester is an appropriate tool to measure the bursting strength of PET bottles before adding any food item or other products to it. The tool helps the PET industries for testing the cans and bottles where highly pressurized carbonated sodas are added. The tool is easy to use and highly sophisticated and is available in digital model and touch screen model.

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Accurate measurement at right time with bottle burst tester saves costly repair or replacement

The thickness and design of a bottle play an important role to judge the strength of the bottle against bursting under pressure. The strength and efficiency of the containers are tested by measuring the various parameters such as expansion volume and burst pressure. The tool has a highly reliable and pre-settable time limited to 999 seconds. The auto cut facility is also available. The tool is a significant help for the packaging industries because the sudden bursting was a troublesome issue affecting the quality of the food items. The instrument checks the strength of the pet bottles at an earlier stage and alerts the manufacturers to use the high-quality materials. Getting a bottle burst tester is a good decision than to waste time on repairing or replacement of the damaged products.

The digital version of bottle burst tester has hydraulic controls used for the exertion of pressure on the bottles. The equipment has auto-pressure hold facility that helps in maintaining the desired pressure in the container for a definite time. The high-quality pressure compressor along with a regulator assembly and filter are available. During machine operation, take caution to maintain the safety level. All safety guidelines are followed during the manufacturing of the instrument, and a steel casing is used for the safety levels. The tool effectively measures the minimum pressure capability and monitors the rate of volume expansion. The tester is capable of using in the laboratory process and in manufacturing industries to check that the containers are fulfilling industry specifications.

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