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Author: Randynell Pilares
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When people learn that lucid dreaming is an experience that allows them to tap into their ideal world, they become more than willing to explore the practice. But before they completely plunge into learning how to have lucid dreams, a few factors hold them back. For a time, lucid dreaming has been seen by many as a scary experience.


Lucid dreaming is not the same as your typical dream because it gives your mind the power to control. When you lucid dream, a part of you is aware that you are just dreaming but there is also a part of you who wants to believe that you could be in your real world. It is an experience like no other and to make it even more worthwhile, it will help if you learn more about a few possibilities that may seem dangerous but are actually facilitators to even better dreams given that you know exactly how to handle them.


Sleep paralysis. When one is in a state of sleep paralysis, we are sleeping but our body is awake and aware of what is happening in the surroundings. This becomes dangerous when the body wishes to move or wake up from a dream but for some reasons, remains asleep. Experts advise dreamers to focus on moving at least one body part. Some would focus on moving a finger or wiggling their toes. When they're able to move at least one body part, they wake up.


False awakening. It would be easier to describe this state if you have watched the movie, Inception. When one is under a false awakening, a part of our mind makes us believe that we are no longer in a dream when the truth is that we are still dreaming. Some people get scared by this experience especially when they get to a point where they can no longer distinguish whether they are dreaming or not. Experts say that the best way to deal with this is to do a reality check as soon as you wake up. You can try some common techniques like looking at yourself in the mirror (since mirror visuals are usually blurry in dreams) or pinching yourself and see if you feel physical pain.


Nightmares. There is a strong correlation between the things or experiences that we encounter during our day and the dreams that we have at night. More often than not, the negative energy that we encounter during our day transforms into bad dreams during our sleep. Depending on how one reacts to a nightmare, these dreams can empower or weaken a person. If one controls his mind in such a way that he'll keep avoiding nightmares, he becomes powerless. However, if he manipulates his mind to confront these nightmares and ponder on how these can help him in the real world, it can make him powerful.


Lucid dreams can empower or belittle a person. If you allow these dreams to scare you, you'll find yourself waking up weak. However, if you use these dreams as a venue for your inner self to question and examine your real world, there is no reason for you to fear being a lucid dreamer.


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