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Get Affordable Repairing & Replacement Service For XPERIA X Performance In UK

Besides some differences, Sony XPERIA X Performance offers most of the same products as the Sony XPERIA XZ, but at a lower price. This device has not only been cheap since its launch, but also received a welcome upgrade to Android Nougat. This means that security and inventory improve energy savings, and multi-window mode makes multitasking easier.

Looking to the future, we have heard that Android O will turn to this device. Even if you do not have the latest specifications, you have the latest software. Sony XPERIA X Performance is a mobile phone that makes a statement. This is not very consistent. Like other products in the new X series, Sony XPERIA X Performance can bring out all the logos of flagship phones to their best advantage. The striking design of glass and brushed metal appeals to the eye and its 5.6-inch case is perfect for one-handed operation. Under the hood, however, you will find something that can be found in top smartphones, but some unpleasant surprises are thrown.

It includes the high-end Snapdragon 820 processor but only supports 3 GB of RAM. The waterproof phone comes with the latest version of Android Nougat, which features PS4 Remote Play and scalable storage. However, the screen is limited to 1080p and the battery capacity is quite low at 2,700 mAh. If XPERIA X Performance is most competitive with some of the latest unlocking actors (such as ONEPLUS 3 or ZTE Axon 7), then these shortcomings are avoided. But it is not even close. The phone costs only 699 dollars (about 541 pounds, 913 Australian dollars) and the price is twice as high as some of the more powerful options, even slightly higher than the Samsung Galaxy S7. That's puzzling.

For cell phones that are in the vicinity of Sony products, XPERIA X performance is either too low or too expensive to meet your needs. How about these two? If you want to balance the flagship smartphone's performance, design, and value, another mobile phone from our best mobile phone list will provide you with a better service.


* Slightly curved edges on the glass front radiate an elegant look

* 1080p screen is alive, but the price is too low

* Brushed metal chassis fits perfectly with hands and pockets

If you've seen an XPERIA device in recent years, you've already seen it. XPERIA X Performance is seamlessly integrated into this group, but it's not a bad thing at all. Minimalists like XPERIA X Performance due to their subtle design style. Sony's rose gold commentary features a brushed metal back and brushed edges and a slightly curved faceplate.

The port layout is cleverly arranged around the phone, and at first glance, the keys seem to be the same. While the power and dedicated camera capture buttons are easy to use and accessible in everyday use, the volume rocker looks like a nightmare. On the lower right side of the decor is a simple task very difficult. The strange range even sometimes let the phone get out of our hands.

If you want to buy this phone in the US, this is another blow to X Performance: It does not have a built-in fingerprint sensor like its UK counterparts. For some reason, it was waived, although the website of Sony indicates otherwise. Due to its sleek, avant-garde look, XPERIA X Performance likes the dust and water resistance of IP68, which means it cannot drop below one meter for up to half an hour. So it is not a problem to get into the sink, in the puddle or even in the toilet (after washing).

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