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Get XPERIA X Performance Repaired & Replaced With Quick Turnaround Time In UK

It is no secret that Sony's smartphone business has problems. Competition has become hard in recent years and constant innovation and low prices have created problems for existing market players. Instead of doubling its flagship product like the great HTC 10, Sony seems happy to be selling little iterations year after year. The new XPERIA X Series may not have the same name as its predecessor XPERIA Z, but these products are not challenged for revolutionary changes. I tested XPERIA X's high-end performance for a few weeks and found it very similar to the previous XPERIA Z5. Considering that the Z5 is the sixth derivative of the 3-year XPERIA Z, it's easy to feel that the design is outdated.

The similarities between XPERIA X Performance and XPERIA Z1 are particularly noticeable. The XPERIA Z1 was released in 2013 with a 5.0-inch 1080p display. In 2016, we still see a 5.0-inch 1080p display on X Performance. Both phones are waterproof. Both phones are equipped with more than 20 megapixel cameras and equipped with special triggers. What has Sony achieved in three years? Well, XPERIA X Performance has abandoned the Snapdragon 800 SoC for the modern Snapdragon 820, resulting in better connectivity, more memory, and more RAM. Now that the front camera has up to 13 million pixels, Sony claims the rear camera is the fastest ever. Incredibly, we use smaller batteries in our cell phones. In addition, we have acquired some new software features.

When I received XPERIA X Performance for the first time at MWC 2016 and then did that review again, I could not help feeling that the design was flat. Over three years ago, I saw exactly this smartphone style of Sony, and as the competitors were slimmer and sexy, Sony designers have also withdrawn. Various aspects of XPERIA X Performance are more attractive than my favorite design of Sony smartphones: XPERIA Z3. Since launching the phone in 2014, Sony's flagship device has increased its thickness by one millimeter, losing the comfortable and stylish curved edge and replacing some plastic quality materials in some areas.

On the product side of Sony, the company has quickly highlighted the smooth metal back, which in my opinion is due to the subtly brushed surface and minimal interference. However, the plastic edges lead to a malfunction of the phone. They look cheap and have no similar texture fun. Sony has tried to look at the color of these edges as a back wall, but it did not work: the visible seams that connect the back wall to the sides are unsightly and the difference between metal and plastic in the gloss is obvious. Besides a similar Huawei P9 is clear what Sony should do when designing XPERIA X Performance. The metal of the P9 looks good and feels good, as the quality material bends seamlessly at the edges. In contrast, the transition from metal to plastic for XPERIA X Performance looks ugly and gives the impression that Sony's creation is a cheaper device.

The metal back has its advantages. Antenna wiring is usually not required in a one-piece design and can be downsized. The XPERIA X Performance is easier to grasp than the XPERIA Z-Series, which uses a fragile glass back with brittle cracks and a smooth fingerprint magnet. The front panel is made of a glass plate that protects the display, and is cleverly rounded to edges to create a washable feel. For a 5.0-inch smartphone, the average size of the border is average and the color is the edge and the back. I'm not a fan of this mono design - it looks a bit boring - I usually do not buy the rose gold model I've received. In other words, X Performance is available in white, black and "lime gold".

XPERIA X Performance is one of the few flagship products with two front speakers that provide a stereo experience when watching videos and playing games. I like the stereo speakers on the front of my smartphone and regret that companies like HTC are not doing this anymore. The quality of the X Performance speakers is not very good, but their volume is very good. I do not want these little drives producing amazing sounds. At the bottom of XPERIA X Performance is a tiny USB port, which is disappointing given that most high-end devices are switched to more versatile USB-C ports. Samsung is another outlier, as the Gear VR system still uses Micro-USB. Sony does not have that, so I'm confused why they did not update their load and data ports.

There is a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top and a compartment for two Nano - SIM or a Nano-SIM and Micro-SD card slot on the left edge. I really appreciate the dual-SIM feature that I've seen here, because it's not common with high-end smartphones. The right edge is the fingerprint sensor, which also serves as an on / off switch. I'm critical of the XPERIA Z5 fingerprint sensor in this location because it does not seem to work very well. However, these issues have been resolved under XPERIA X Performance. The sensor works very fast, is more accurate than previous implementations, and is accurately positioned. My only concern is that the tactile feedback of the button is not very good and can make the phone thicker than necessary.

Below the fingerprint sensor is the volume rocker, which is in the Squat position due to the low position on the right edge. The more comfortable position is over the fingerprint sensor, and the likelihood of accidental pressure is also reduced. Under the volume rocker is a special, two-stage camera button. XPERIA X is waterproof; It is available in IP65 and IP68 protection classes and can be immersed in 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. It is also dustproof and resistant to low pressure water jets. If the toilet accidentally falls into the coffee or splashes, it is always appropriate to use a waterproof phone. X Performance should not be brought under any circumstances.

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