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jeromesdeli commented 1 year ago

For you the food may be the most essential factor, but there are certain elements that help you to serve a successful party meal. Here are some of the suggestions:

What Are The Extra Facilities Available?
Services such as wine pouring, table-side water facility or tray-passed drinks and snacks are the factors of the meal that you may not sense about. However, these services enhance the overall experience of the party meal. 

What Facilities Are Not Included In The Quote? 
Services such as pouring champagne for the toast, cutting and serving the cake or taking care of the breakdown may not be covered. Having a transparent idea about the services covered in the quoted price will help you to evaluate different catering firms.

What Is Your Server To Guest Proportion? 
You should confirm the ratio of server to guests for all types of meals. If you are going to have a casual event then you can go for an affordable catering service with fewer servers. 

Have You Even Catered At This Venue?
Having a catering experience on the same or identical venue is always a plus point for the catering firms. An efficient catering service provider will plan in advance so that they can deliver the best service at your party venue. 

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