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coteolivia commented 1 year ago

We all love our dogs, however, it is still displeasing when they bark unnecessarily, jump at your guests or get into the trash. On some occasions, all of sudden dogs can flaunt bad behavior, even the ones with the best manners. According to the breeders of English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies, the behavior of the owner directly affects the way a dog behaves. So if you develop a friendly and well-behaved environment at home, your dog will follow it naturally.

Genetic Tendency: Just like humans, majority of the canines end up duplicating their wellsprings, not only in looks but also in attitude. Personalities of all the animals are actively constrained by the genetics. If the wellsprings are gentle, obedient and calm dogs, there is a great chance that the puppies will turn out well. 

Lack of Training: Some of the dog owners have a mistaken and baseless expectation that the dogs should know how to behave well from the birth. However, the reality is that dogs can’t differentiate between good and bad behavior until and unless they are trained. Dogs should be trained as per their owner’s needs which takes commitment, patience and plenty of time. 

Negative Experience: A few canines start to shiver with fear while visiting local vet clinic or drive past their breeders workplace. Dogs have a good potential to remember all the negative as well as positive encounters. Various kinds of ill behavior stem from anxiety and fear. 

Poorly Socialized Pups Become Bad Behavior Dogs: Pups have an ideal duration of malleability from four weeks to four months of age. During this period, they are prepared to form relationships and to socialize with people and other animals. They are also trained to recognize certain sounds, sights and signs. In this duration, they are also trained to learn to communicate, using vocalization and body language. 

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