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TechieElvin commented 1 year ago

What Might Cause Canon Printer Error 6000:-

Below we have mentioned some shared unfavorable conditions that might cause this mistake together with your Canon printer.

It mainly happens once the paper tray of printer averts its opening when something becomes blocked in it, usually dust particles or newspaper pieces.

This error code may also arise when the tray is not properly built in the printer.

This error may also occur when we make an effort to give a multiple paper printing control at a single time.

It can also appear in your own system once the printer has been surrounded by a lot of documents.Line feed is scratched or smeared.

When any flaw arises in sensor unit or in line feed slit.


Procedure to TroubleShoot Canon Printer Error 6000:-


We've given few steps together with all the help which a user may fix this problem immediately.



Resting or Restarting your printer can direct you towards solving Canon printer malfunction code 6000. Follow the step-by-step process given below to do precisely the same.

First, unplug your printer device from the on / off button, and leave because it really is for few minutes at the same pause mode.

  1. Next, re-plug the power cord of your printer and again Switch it.

  2. Press and hold the"Power" button to get few moments. Then press the"Stop" button .

  3. Repeat this action one or 2 times.

  4. Currently this time-release the"Power" button very slowly.

  5. At last, press the"Stop" button for 5 times.

This process will definitely resolve your issue. However, in the event that you're still facing the exact same error with your Canon printer then you definitely need immediate support for diagnosing your apparatus with no certified technician.


Canon Printer Support:-

With the assistance of above given 2 distinct techniques, a Canon printer user may resolve this error code 6000 out of its apparatus very readily. However, if for some reasons the above mentioned techniques do not work it simply means that there is any problem with your printer. To resolve the issue, at this point you must contact Canon Printer Support Phone Number +1-844-307-3636 for a speedy and accurate alternative. Certified technicians of Canon printer support can diagnose the issue contained on your printer and also may lead you with necessary troubleshooting steps within the telephone. So see Canon printer service website using a 24/7 Canon printer toll free number to repair your printer.


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