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amara23saxena commented 1 year ago

But, if your McAfee antivirus software not installed properly, at that point you will get a bug for that. The issues related with McAfee antivirus are given below:

1 if you are not able to get to the Internet

•             It might be that you will see an error in your web browser

•             Get a notification in the Windows system tray

So you should understand that you are having an issue with your system association.

2. McAfee Security Center support not enabling you to perform any activities and getting the errors given below:

•             McAgent .exe - Application error - Error 0xc000009a

•             Script:misp://C:Progra~1McAfeeVIRUSS~1VSJSRes.dll::ScanRunningMasthead.JS

If you are getting the error identified with web association as discussed above then please follow the below given steps:

1. If you don't mind "Restart" the PC in "Safe" mode and perform following task:

•             Please store/spare your important information and close all programs that are open as of now.

•             While restarting your computer please press and hold the F8 key.

•             Now you have to enter the Advanced Boot menu.

•             When "advanced Boot menu" opens before you shows up, if it's not too much trouble select "Protected Mode" by utilizing the arrow keys and finally press "ENTER".

2. At the point when your finishes the "Completion" task in "safe mode" then please open Internet browser and try to surf some site pages.

•             If you’re searched page effectively loaded then it beyond any doubt that your internet is connected properly and continue for the second solution.

•             If you not able to get to the Internet please contact our McAfee technical support team

If McAfee Security Center console not enabling you to perform any activities, then please run the "McERTFix" fixing tool to determine the issues. If you need to download and run the tool

 You have to follow the below given steps:

1.            Please visit the connection to: if you have enrolled for any product. Generally go for for product from McAfee store.

2.            Please save the downloaded file on your work area.

3.            Please perform out the "Right-click" work on,

4.            Please select "extract all" and select where you feel great to save your files.

5.            Please open the file from where remove the files.

6.            Please play out the "Double tap" capacity to "McERTFixWrap.exe" to begin the tool.

7.            The tool begins to keep running in quiet mode and it will expend a few minutes to play out the assignment totally. At the point when the process finished by tool you are asked for to reboot your computer system.

8.            Your Computer framework takes a few minutes for Internet availability to be reestablished while your PC restarts.


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