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Rskingdom commented 1 year ago

If talking about Blade & Soul Revolution is that the narrative that is extreme, the narrative of the game comes from every PC. Oh... and enjoy this, players who have played before have pleasure. No, because even though the narrative is based on the former edition, but in the Buy Blade and Soul Revolution gold, the incomplete part from the former edition, we come along in this game. The game has been truncated. In addition, many amazing cut scenes which you can see Called though the story for the first time, it will be fun to tell the narrative. More for players, this game is a game that produces the most exciting story. I stated that this game is a game that all stories should not skip.

Prior to starting any action, all you have to do is create a personality that shows. The character that you created are the person who has. The characters will split into 4 categories: YUN, GON, JIN and LYN and split into different professions :

Blader Master This profession has a defense power. While the attack support and power are at the center level. While having the ability to support a team. This destroyer has a level of defense. But this occupation has quite low attack power. This mechanic has attack power. All of this has to be traded for a defense power although including the capability is very high.

That many interesting professions on the PC can't be played in this model, Even though it's a shame. It must be overwhelming that there will be a career update lost in drama? In addition, this game also includes a system to personalize the drama to be beautiful to have the ability to Blade and Soul Revolution gold respond to gamers as well. Although the resolution may not be as high but with this I think it is sufficient.

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