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Rskingdom commented 1 year ago

I enjoyed Cast and Body the brace times I approved it, but two things will charge to appear afore I'd in actuality play it with any activity of adherence or Blade and Soul Revolution gold seriousness.They accept to absorb gaming abrasion support, accordingly I don't accept to rebind my abrasion switches 3-6 into the belted key bindings that the Cast & Body bold affirms. It's in actuality simple to discount to change it aback if you are done, and can be a affliction in the ass if you will charge to tab out and do added things.

They charge to admission the chatbox appearance absolute that is fucking. We don't use kanji, accord us added amplitude to run our mouths! Maybe the adapt will accept those changes in your mind. If these afflicted accept occurred, attentive absolute me and apathy this commodity as I accept not played with it in 2 decades. ?

Well, I am in Cast & Body game, but EU server appears not stable. Afterwards latest patch, the server comatose afterwards 2 hours. The motor charcoal not beforehand for me. The Cast & Body action is still optimized. The acumen is abundant here, if I charge analyze with BDO. BDO is simple 60 fps with Remastered style, but in Cast & Soul, I set on boilerplate style, and still HARD to accomplish 60 fps. I accept added 40 fps, and aural dragon occasion, it's just apparent brainless I got beneath than 20 fps... with GTX1060???? Cast & Body bold may accept new content, the engine / images is not optimized. It's still poor. That is just stupid.

BFV is aswell abundant with 60fps. I got sometimes disconnects. Yes, BDO server is abundant abiding and never disconnects, but Cast & Body host isn't trustable. Afore patch, the server issues are somewhat beneath bad. (I even see DC-ed players while assuming dungeons...)And why you are bound asleep in action grounds.... Akin 55 doesn't agency you're acceptable to go. Your AP accept to top (1000+) to accomplish some chances. You may buy bigger $.25 if agriculture CB for a lot of Buy BNS Revolution gold allotment (as solo), added bang-up fights for appropriate keys, to defended bigger gems.Arena action is neutralized, but I don't advanced battlefield is neutralized. That is the acumen you can still win in stadium, but will die bound in battleground...

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