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itguide commented 1 year ago

Google chrome is an authentic and the most reliable web-browser. This web browser is extremely popular among the individuals and it helps different individuals across the world in getting access to the great information present on different platforms. But nowadays different issues may crop up regarding Google chrome not able to work smoothly on the latest versions of Windows and some other platforms as well.  Well, this becomes such a troubling scenario in some cases and it is difficult to cope up with such troubling scenarios. So, to sort out these kinds of issues let us take some steps so that the issue of Google Chrome not responding is sort out.

Steps to solve the issue of Google chrome not responding:

  • If chrome is not working smoothly the first step you can take is to check for any malicious malware. In case you wish to prevent any unpleasant case in this regard, you can go for choosing antivirus software so that any issue in this regard can be sorted out effectively.
  • You can also opt for clearing the cache and history of your web browser. This will solve the issue of Google chrome not responding accordingly.
  • The next solution in this regard is that you should have the latest version of Google chrome.
  • In case you still have this issue, you can opt for deleting any add on extensions in this regard.

If you still have any issues in Google Chrome not responding then you can opt for a reliable third-party solution in this regard.

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