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Rskingdom commented 1 year ago

I play franchise mode much like yourself. Seasons take me a long time to get through but constructing a franchise through the draft and FA is what I like most. I typically create two different franchises however, one being a rebuild team and the other being a team that's close to contention for the playoffs in the first year. I'd like them to add all the bells and whistles into franchise style will making the"March to MLB 19 the show stubs October" feature an add on option the user can turn off or on at any point. Captures the likes of all audiences.

I would enjoy it in Franchise if the user had to play 1 complete game of each series during the season! Zero simming or altering the difficulty level!It would likewise be Kool if it kept track of how many times you reset 1 your to be sure your buddies are not cheating!Wonder if the programmers stop improving the sequence modes and only focused on street to the show and franchise or merely franchise hmmm. There's a Japanese game going to come out and it looks great just has one style season.

I 100% agree with this. I feel like most of those development companies making sports games nowadays will need to stop inventing excuses for gamers. Yes franchise modes can be quite daunting, time consuming and hard but for real fans for these sports it's worth . I would like to be able to closely replicate the real sports that I really like not have a team with Mike trout and Willie Mays in my outfield. . .that shit can it be realistic as well as it doesn't even represent these players correctly be because SCEA continues to simplify MLB The Show 19 of MLB The Show 19 to lower the barrier of entry for casuals in order that they could get more cash from DD.

There simply is not enough depth in the player ratings or trends that govern/shape player fashions, the supervisors in Franchise are literally there for no reason. What do they do? They do not have strategies specific to them, there aren't any supervisors who abandon their starters in buy stubs mlb the show 19 longer than others. Stop faking like you truly have a franchise style worth time for"MLB The Show 19 fans". The Display and Madden have been eliminated from my list (Madden just like 4 years ago).

Owen3721 commented 1 year ago

This is the place you can send the electronic sends to different people or associations. The offer a video which you can use to see and use this organization. 

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