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Rskingdom commented 11 months ago

The forthcoming free-to-play mobile adventure brings a new dream adventure to ESOM Gold your smartphone that offers both a narrative mode in addition to a roguelike dungeon crawler and a multiplayer mode.Why prevent your logic at a Bethesda game? That sort of thinking works for all. I like Tetris, you can play with it on PC and mod it. Pointless statement.Tetris is a complete experience without mods. That's why the logic stops with Bethesda. The comment is referring to the way most Bethesda games are reliant on mods. If you don't believe me on this look at Skyrim Special Edition and the way it sprinkled over bugs that were fixed by mods on Oldrim years ago.Complete isn't subjective when speaking about Bethesda. Either a game is bugged to hell and thus not complete like most Bethesda games also it is a polished experience which has little to no bugs and thus complete on launch.

Now I know that's apparently rare to expect from programmers now a days, however most devs are self aware enough to fix the problems with their games after launch and not somehow release two matches (Skyrim Special Edition along with The Elder Scrolls) with bugs that should have been fixed years ago using Oldrim and The Elder Scrolls. No instead Bethesda is based on 3rd parties to do their tasks for them. They do not release complete jobs the release half assed broken games that might have utilized a year longer to cook along with a dev group that cares about what they do. Bethesda games are the most unoptimized games I have ever played in my years of gaming. They are prone to regular crashes on base game and need mods to make them stable and not crash every 5 minutes.

The subject was not whether Bethesda games are buggy or not, that was not the purpose of contention. Side notice buggy also doesn't equate to incomplete unless you're referring to a general overall sense, which you can see according to my prior comment I wasn't, so not really certain why you bothered bringing bugs up as it had been mods and PC pointlessly purchased up, but wasn't the subject.OP's comment is saying about enjoying a Bethesda match on a phone and how no one wanted it. I bring up why would anyone would like to play with a Bethesda match on anything but a PC due to the fact that mods are essential to make it playable and stable in The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold the first place. I didn't bring this up pointlessly. It is a jab in Bethesda and the quality of the games just like OP is taking a jab at Bethesda and their business decision.

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