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Shaving Can Do More Than Just Remove Facial Hair, It Can Even Remove Fragments From The Top Layer Of Your Skin. Yikes

Shaving Is Largely Safe, Although It Does Leave The Skin Prone To Irritation. Small Cuts From Shaving Can Be An Entry Point For Bacteria, Dr. Sonia Batra, MD, Dermatologist And Co-Host Of The Doctors TV Show.

And That’s Exactly When Shaving Can Backfire On You. Fortunately, There Is A Solution, And It Comes In The Form Of A Product That You’re Probably Quite Confused About. You’ve Probably Skipped Shaving After Shaving Every Time You Cut Or Shave Your Face. That’s Why You Might Want To Start Using It.


What Does Aftershave Do

What Does Aftershave Do?

“Although Many See The Purpose Of Aftershave As A Scent, Similar To Cologne, It Can Actually Play A Useful Role In Restoring The Skin After Shaving,” Says Batra.

What Is After Shave

Aftershave Often Contains Astringents, Such As Alcohol Or Witch Hazel. These Help Calm The Irritation That Occurs After Shaving, Stops Bleeding, And Disinfect The Small Wounds You’ve Inflicted On Yourself, He Explains.

Use After Shaving

How To Apply Aftershave “I Always Start With A Hot Towel To Open The Pores And End With A Cleanser And A Cold Towel To Close The Pores,” Said Jared Gelbert, Hairstylist At Dapper Den Barbershop In Ridgefield, Connecticut. “After Shaving, Use To Heal Open, Rough, Shaved Skin, Disinfect And Close Pores, Then Moisturize.”

The Aftershave Speaks For Itself. Simply Massage The Affected Areas After Shaving And Let It Penetrate The Pores.

Do You Need An Aftershave?

It’s Not Necessary. You Can Escape Without Using It, But You’re Not Always Smart, Especially If You’re Prone To Irritation.

“After Shaving Is Not Always Necessary, But It Can Be Useful For Men With Sensitive Skin, Acne Or Frequent Skin Irritation,” Says Batra.

The Astringent Properties Can Help Kill The Bacteria That Cause Acne. Other Ingredients, Such As Aloe Vera And Moisturizers, Can Help Calm The Skin, Prevent Irritation, And Relieve Redness. These Are Good Things After Shaving Your Hair.

What Are The Different Types Of Aftershave?

The Three Most Common Types Of Aftershave Lotion, Gel, And Liquid (This Is The Most Popular Type). In Previous Decades, Barber Shops Used Only Alcohol-Based Shaving. Today, However, The Options Have Extended To Different Skin Types.

All Three Types Have Unique Advantages And Can Be Used To Achieve Different Effects. Everyone Uses Some Form Of Antiseptic To Eliminate The Possibility Of Infection And Inflammation After Shaving.

Below Are Specific Details About The Three Types Of Aftershave.

· Lotion Based: Aftershave In Lotion Form Is Used To Hydrate The Skin After Shaving. The Hydration Of These Products Helps Dry Skin And Softens The Face After Shaving. Ideally Used During The Winter Months, Those With Excessively Dry Skin Should Apply An Aftershave, Winter, Or Year Round.


Lotion Based

· Gel-Based: Depending On The Type Of Gel Used With The Aftershave, There Can Be Several Benefits. Some Aftershave Gel Are Used To Add Extra Nutrients To The Skin (Like Fish Oil), While Others Are Just Used To Smell Great. This Type Of Product Can Be Good For People With Sensitive Skin If The Right Ingredients, Such As Aloe, Are In The Gel.



· Liquid-Based: This Is The Traditional Type Of Aftershave. The Alcohol In These Aftershaves Is Used As An Antiseptic And Can Cause A Stronger Burn Than Gel And Lotion Aftershaves. However, The Liquid-Based Varieties Are Often Strong Antiseptics And Can Shave Cuts Very Well.



Which Aftershave Should You Use?

Be Careful When Buying An Aftershave.

“Aftershaves Sometimes Contain Alcohol To Kill Bacteria From The Skin, But The Alcohol Can Be Very Harsh And Dry Out The Skin,” says Batra. “This Sometimes Makes The Irritation Worse And Causes The Skin To Flake.”

If You Have Sensitive Skin, Avoid Shavings That Contain Alcohol And Look For Witch Hazel Products.

“Witch Hazel Is A Natural Astringent That Dries Less And Does Not Sting Like Alcohol. It Also Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory To Soothe Irritated Skin, ”says Batra.

Another Option Is An Old Spice Aftershave With Tea Tree Oil Which, Like Witch Hazel, Is A Natural Astringent And Has Antiseptic Properties.

“You Can Also Look For Aloe Vera To Help Soothe Irritated Skin,” Batra Advises. “For Dry Skin That Needs Extra Hydration, Looks For Best Smelling Aftershave With Vitamin E Or Another Moisturizing Oil.”

Batra Recommends Humphrey’s Witch Hazel Astringent, Thayers Witch Hazel Original Facial Toner, And Now Foods Tea Tree Oil Because They All Use Natural Ingredients.

Gilbert Prefers Mënaji Power Hydrator Aftershave, Which He Uses For Most Male Skin Because It Is Soothing And Hydrating To The Skin.

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