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dylan05 commented 1 month ago
  1. The users can log in and create their profile. The users need to update all their information related to salary, payday, and verify their profiles.
  2. There is a limit on the amount that can be borrowed depending on the salary of the user. The user needs to calculate the maximum amount they can borrow, using the loan limit calculator.
  3. The users can request a loan based on the loan limit. They can claim for any sum of money that is within the maximum limit sanctioned by the app.
  4. The admin receives a notification for the request and will take a thorough check on the user's profile. The admin can approve or reject the application depending on the authentication of the user.
  5. Once the profile is verified, the requested amount is transferred to the user's profiles.
  6. The repayment is self-activated during the coming payday of the users.

Considering the pandemic situation that we are facing and the economy's recession, people have an abundance of needs for loans for medical expenses and other personal affairs. A payday advance app development is a crucial need for the workforce and society at this time.

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