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Rskingdom commented 11 months ago

Do you understand what the word"juxtapose" signifies dumbass? It is where two things and one another comparison. If you place new high-poly models next to old models you will create the versions look like classic wow gold and it destroys the immersion using contrasting aesthetics. And what is you cannot use the"high" graphic settings of the vanilla configurations because in the event that you push up the graphics beyond"classic" settings that you get contemporary WoW Classic graphics.Also people will be forced to utilize the modern WoW Classic water stripes simply for the sake of PvP in order that they can view through warm water.

By introducing choice for new players who likely will not make it very far it is taking away choice from the dedicated hardcore players that want it to remain precisely how it was.And what is, you are right, all of these are small alterations. The issue is that little changes here and there add up to enormous changes in the player experience in the scheme of things. It's a slippery slope down the path of changes.And you'll be able to criticize people's opinions without behaving like an asshole about it.

"If they could, they likely would limit all of us to the addons from vanilla" If you can use Deadly Boss Mods in vanilla then it's likely to eventually become baseline across all guilds and you won't be invited unless you have it already installed. Bosses would just turn into pubstomps.If why do you wish to play Classic you would like to use new images new addons and new options? Classic is about the Vintage experience * that is *. Not the contemporary adventure. Perhaps if they tacked the name"remastered" onto it and actually remastered everything to fit together I'd be fine with those changes, but not if they are intending to create it like the original Classic.

Have you thought about how Blizzard might do this to cater to Vanilla players AND to others? It would be a pretty terrible business plan to just cater to the"hardcore" audience. detest the fact that others play it differently In any case, if you're a players of games and appreciate MMO 's? Plus it's not gameplay related, it is just that I'll be able to observe a much more HD edition of textures or some models. Give me one reason how that affects you, as a player.Blizzard"we will not be mending most bugs. It is not worth the time" this BFA with a flat 60 cap will be dogshit due to all the retail fags that are fine with almost any changes to make gold in wow classic simpler because they secretly want to destroy classic.

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